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{Harry's POV}

"Yawoo! Harry!" Niall shouts from across the room and makes his way toward me through the maze of lunch tables. His voice was loud enough to hear among everyone else's voices. It was impossible NOT to hear him, especially since his Irish accent really makes him stand out.

"Hey Niall!" I beam at the sight of him and slides into his seat in front of me.

With his outgoing personality, fearlessness and unbelievable cockiness, he makes every single moment as fun as can be. The fact that he bursts out laughing at almost anything and everything, no matter what it is, makes it even more amusing to be around him. People who don't know him, I feel sorry for 'em, they're missing out. That goes for the ladies; he's quite the sexy beast if you ask me. But with all jokes aside, I know for a fact, once he finds that one girl he's been looking for, he will treat her right; like an absolute princess.

"Dude I'm starving! I didn't have time to eat this mornin'!" Niall complains about it like it's the end of the world. "So I grab one of those small eat 'n go cereal bowls right, take it to school with me, and sneak it into first period. But guess what?!" He slams his fists against the table top, pausing dramatically. "I got caught! I got caught! All those other times I made it so sure my food was out of sight. I'm usually skilled at hiding food and you know that!"

I shake my head, and chuckle silently to myself. I go along with Niall's amusing frustration.

"I do know! I remember the day you finished five small bags of ruffles all in one period without the teacher noticing at all. I was so impressed."

"Well you know how I do." He breathes on his hand and polishes his shirt arrogantly. His cockiness can get irritating, but you get used to it.

I roll my eyes, and fold my arms. "You were probably munching on it a little too loudly this time, mate."

"I was not!" Niall protested, getting all defensive.

"Alright alright, calm down you leprechaun. What did you eat exactly?"

He rolled his eyes at his nickname that I gave him a long, long time ago. He gets massively annoyed whenever I refer to him in that way, but he knows I love to get under people's skin.

"I had cocoa puffs..." he mumbled, realizing I was right.

"HA! See?! I think someone owes this guy an apology." I smirk, pointing at myself.

"Fine. I'm sorry Harry." Niall said forcefully.

"Noo, say it like you mean it."

"I'm very utterly, completely, absolutely without a doubt, sorry Harry." He put emphasis in saying my name and batted his eyelashes at me. He kept on doing it, and all I can say is I got real uncomfortable.

"Hey lads!" Liam said cheerfully as he sat down beside me setting down his lunch tray. I looked up at him with the same disturbed expression I had when Niall started batting his eyelashes, and he was still doing it. Liam just stared at me, in confusion and put a hand to his face.

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