➲ five ₪ dying

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private message
bexy boo

flights delayed
ughhh kill me
i swear this feels like the longest delay for a flight
i've ever experienced
it's not even that long i'm just tired
and i wanna go hooome

what did i tell you about texting me?!
it's five am
i still have two more blissful hours to sleep

maybe you should silence your phone?

nuh uh
this is on you bitch
when ronald mcdonald yells at me in front of
everyone for being late again guess who i'm
coming after

sorry boo you know i love you!!
i'm just gonna be alone for the next three hours
and i tried texting zac but he's already asleep

well boo fucking hoo
we may be best friends and i would do literally
anything for you but when you eat into my
precious sleeping time
that's where i draw the line

wow great to know my boundaries
but seriously! it says two hours until the plane LANDS
and then everyone had to board and then they have
to go through the stupid safer stuff and then
wait for clearance to take off and it's just a huge ordeal
and i have to go through it alone

like i said
sleep trumps your feelings of being alone
eight hours of you time won't kill you

it might!!
you know i can't not talk or interact with someone
for long periods of time
i go crazy!
it really might literally kill me
like the loneliness will come like the reaper in the
night and strangle me with its crippling hand
and leave me to die on my own surrounded
by strangers and people who don't give a damn

okay now you're just being dramatic

but it's going to happen!
i feandnnsms

um, did you die?
cause if you did great i'm going back to sleep

thea, you're still alive right?
god look at me believing your dramas
if you're dead answer me !!
now you've ruined sleep for me
i'm not even going to be able to go back to it
after this thanks a lot
you've ruined my liiiife

now who's being dramatic?

what? you took like five minutes to answer

wow a whole five minutes!!

for you that's an eternity
so you're alive right
you're not a ghost

no some guy just wacked me with his backpack
and i fell to the ground and my screen protectors
ruined but i'm fine

seriously thea the craziest things always
happen to you

he just offered to give me his phone number so
i could tell him if it was my protector or
the screen that was cracked and he'd send me
the money to fix it

is he cute?
cause if he is take him up on it
get you a mans

you're such a dork
he's so adamant about doing something!
he feels so bad
it's cute how embarrassed he is

can you sneak a pic?

that's so creepy
besides he's wearing sunglasses
you can't really see his face anyway

well get his number at least
lmk what happens
i'm intrigued

are you dead?
was he a murder?
text cheerio if he's trying to kill you
okay, i'm just going to assume you guys are
making out or something rn and i'm going
to bed
i'm sudden very tired
nighty night babe
good flight

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