Chapter 5


Adam didn't see Greyson since she practically sprinted out of school yesterday, juggling books and a dance bag. 

He waltzed over to his closet contemplating throwing on sweatpants, but remembered what today was.

"Senior trip BOY!!" He grabbed a green checkered shirt, his favorite pair of sneakers and some dark jeans, the senior class had finally decided on paintballing for their trip. And there was nothing Adam loved more than paintballing.


She doesn't count.

He jumped in the shower leaving his hair be, since they would be rolling in dirt and what not.

Getting dressed he couldn't wait, Mauricio and him have been anticipating this day since it was announced.

He grabbed his car keys from the loop and dashed out to the car. 

He completely forgot about breakfast in if flurrey of excitement. Eh Dunkin Donuts will do.

He pulled in the nearest one grabbing breakfast, and sincerly trying to ignore the drive thru ladies chest that was practically hanging out.

As he pulled away he noticed she wrote her name and number on his hot chocolate cup.

Wow. That was new. Talk about costumer service.

As he pulled up to school he saw the coach busses infront and teachers taking names from the mass of students outside.

Getting out of his car he saw Greyson who waved him over, and Mauricio who was perched on the bench furiously talking on the phone.

Eh he can wait.

Adam pushed through the crowds to get to Greyson who was signing her name on the clip board.

She had her long red curls fishtail braided over her right shoulder, the end of it trailed to the inner crease of her elbow.

When she looked up Adam almost died laughing, she had two thick black lines on both cheeks like the football players wear at games.

"What?" She asked hands on her hips.

"Uh you got a little somethin on your face Grey." He snickered.

"We'll you've got to look the part to be the part." She crossed her arms. She was wearing dark skinny jeans and a black V-neck. She reminded him of a red headed Katniss from The Hunger Games, she had that same glint in her eyes. Survival.

"Oh really, I didn't peg you as the roll around get dirty type of girl."

"Theres alot you don't know about me Dawson." She poked his chest.

"Whatever you say." Adam rolled his eyes taking a sip of hot chocolate, it was very nippy out this morning.

"Who's Melly?"

"What?" Adam asked looking around.

"Melly, 835-7028." Greyson said pointing to his cup.

Adam laughed, and explained, watching an irritated Greyson.

"What I didn't ask her to do it!" He laughed.

"Mmhmm." She gave him the eye.

"All seniors that haven't signed up please do so now!" Mr. Relich announced through a bull horn.

Mauricio texted him, "Dude wheer r u? I signed u in hurry up."