Chapter LXXX V

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"Oh my dearest friend, here you are!" Cynthia said rushing over to my side like a dedicated friend

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"Oh my dearest friend, here you are!" Cynthia said rushing over to my side like a dedicated friend.

"Ow," I said when she hugged me pressing on my bruises with her fingernails.

"Forgive me but I have been so worried about how you were after what I heard."

Edna looked at me in disbelief of Cynthia's performance; we expected for Cynthia to be sharing the same room with Lydia instead she was here attempting to terrorize me inside my own home.

"And we are grateful you escaped, Lady Cynthia has fetched for news of your health every day since we found out the news of the attack," Mr. Howard explained though he had no idea Cynthia's worry was that I might survive and tell everyone including him of how she was involved with Lydia

"Oh I am sorry I was not told you were seeking news, did you know Miss Edna?" I looked at Edna who shook her head.

"No sorry milady I was not told," Edna confirmed and Cynthia looked at me to see if I would out her in front of Mr. Howard.

"Forgive me someone must have been remiss with delivering you the news in my staff," I apologized to Cynthia she looked confused to me keeping her involvement a secret in front of Mr. Howard but Edna understood what I was doing.

"Oh that is fine, I am sure they were all very busy making sure you got better."

"Thank you for understanding, and also I would like to take this moment to ask you for your forgiveness."


"We were once good friends and I understand now how you believe I treated you badly so without any excuses for my behavior will you please forgive me?" I said playing along with her story of her being the victim for I would not let Cynthia get the best of me in front of Mr. Howard, this time I was going to tell the story.


"If you can please find it in your heart to forgive me for everything I have done towards you, for the bad friend I have been, I promise to make it up to you. I will never again be so vain, self-centered, silly, or egotistical as I have shown to be in the past, I am a new person after what has taken place and I would like the chance to start anew with you." I held Cynthia by the hands and she was cornered by my words for what else could she do but keep on pretending to be who she really wasn't in front of her fiancé?

"Uh..." Cynthia almost choked of surprise of my performance, though I intended the words for Mr. Howard rather than for her.

"Lady Cynthia?" Mr. Howard asked waiting for her to say yes and be of a saintly nature I had finally discovered she did not possess.

"Of course... I forgive you, my dear friend," she said taking pauses as if in disbelief of her own words and I embraced her as Edna stood impressed with the act I had put up just then but if I was to play by society's rules then I could not go on being as sanguine as I had been in the past.

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