Chapter Six - The Disaster Date Pt. 2

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Ava's P.O.V.


As Evan dragged me into the mall, my stomach churned up into a knot.

1) Evan Beckens was holding my hand.

2) I was in a mall.

A freaking mall!

There were so many people, spread out evenly in each and every store. Chatter filled the stuffy air; Mother's arguing with children, children having tantrums, girls gossiping and fangirling, guys shopping for girlfriends and wives and being completely lost in a woman's store; It was completely and utterly your typical mall.

I hated it.

Evan scanned the stores as I stood there, uncomfortable.

People who walked past us stared. Not because of Evan, but because of me. I get that it's not always them being a bad person and judging me, but that didn't help the fact that I felt like an animal caged at a zoo. It felt like I had a sticker plastered on my head that said "dis-formed" or "ugly".

"Ah, there's the one," Evan said while pointing at a Forever 21.

Evan began to walk away, but he turned back and looked at me, concerned.

"Ava? Are you okay?" He asked with analytic eyes.

Sexy analytic eyes though.

I gave him an unexaggerated and jerky nod and we pressed forward towards the store.

People in the store were no different than the ones promenading the hallways of the mall. People parted like the Red Sea as Evan guided me to a section of the store.

No, not because they were mesmerized by Evan's hotness like in the movies.

Again, it was because of me. While we were walking, I happened to see a group of girls giggling while look at me and then back to their friends simultaneously.

I sighed. It made me think though.

It's funny how Evan just got up one day and was nice to me. He usually doesn't fuck with girls other than literally fucking them. So why me?

I'm ugly.

No, horrific. 

So why'd he chosen me of all people?

Idk, maybe the guy likes horror movies and he likes seeing the scary character in the movie every day. Who knows?

I stopped thinking about it and focused on Evan again.

He was looking through clothing on one particular rack, filled with crop tops.

"Ew, what is he doing?" I thought inside my head.

"What the hell Evan? I thought we were just buying a new outfit not making me look like a slut!" I exclaimed. He had no right to objectify me like this!

Plus, I'm too ugly to objectified.

"Calm down. God won't strike you down for showing a little skin, pancake." Evan replied, still ruffling through the clothing rack.

"Ugh, your so, ugh," I whine.

After he finally chose a crop top for me, he chose some skinny jeans and handed them to me to try on.

"Are you sure?" I questioned. I don't know if I'm ready to put on pretty clothes again, I've gotten used to my ugly ones.

"Yes. Your body is sexy."

I swear I felt my heart stop beating. EVAN. JUST. CALLED. MY. BODY. SEXY. I'm so sorry because I'm not a fangirl, but who wouldn't fangirl right now.

My cheeks instantaneously became bright red. Evan chuckled with a deep, husky voice.

He stepped closer to me and bent down to my ear. He whispered, "I love making you blush."

I couldn't take it.

I turned around and full-on soccer mom speed walked to the dressing rooms. My heart was in my ass. I don't know how he does it, but all my organs just relocated because of him.

Argh. So annoying.


Evan's P.O.V.


I laughed as I watched Ava wobble towards the dressing rooms.

Messing with her mind is so easy.

After a little while of waiting, the curtain ruffled and out came one of the sexiest bodies I've ever seen (neck down of course).

"Ava, you look, amazingly hot. I could eat you right now."


Ava's P.O.V.

He stared at me lustfully, biting his lip.

"Uh, I mean, they aren't bad so I guess I could wear them..." I said awkwardly.

"Let's cash out then. I'll pay." Evan smiled.

We walked towards the cashier after I had taken off the clothes.

"Hello, may I please have these clothes?" Evan said sweetly.

"Sure! Are they for your girlfriend?" The cashier chuckled.

"No, for my friend Ava here."

Friend-zoned. But that wasn't even the worst part.

"Uh, her? I'm not sure, um, are you sure you want these for her?" She was uneasy.

"What do you mean?"

I look down. I caused this; my face to be exact.

"No, Evan, it's okay," I whispered, sounding defeated.

"No, Ava, it's really not!" Evan started to raise his voice, and his veins began to bulge.

"I'm sorry, I, um, I don't think the clothes suit her, sir." She was scared and I could tell.

Evan stormed closer the cashier and slammed his hands down on the checkout desk.

"Look, I don't know what kind of discriminatory operation you are running here, but it's not funny. I'm sure your manager, no, the mall manager would love to hear about this!" Evan shouted.

I was standing there, head down not saying anything.

Suddenly, a pair of hands forcefully pulled me outside of the door.

They dragged me to the mall bathrooms, right inside the entrance of the women's washroom.

Standing in front of me was a tall blonde, with fat lips and a face caked up with makeup. Her clothes were not subtle at all and screamed, "I am a whore!". Behind her, were two other girls, probably her minions.

"Look, I don't know what kind of spell you put on Evan, but just know he doesn't like you. I want him back to normal by the time we have school on Monday or else your gonna be hearing from me."

She pushed me, slamming me into the closed stall door behind me.


Tears met the brim of my eyes.

I got up and ran.

I ran out of the mall and into to the street and then began my journey home. I could feel my heart ache, reminiscing about what that girl had told me. It didn't hurt because it was mean, it hurt because it was true. Nothing hurts more than the truth.



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