Sweater Paws

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"Jiminie! Baby come here, breakfast is ready!" Jin yelled in the kitchen while putting plates for everyone.

Jimin didn't respond so they assumed little chim chim is still sleeping.

"Kookie can you go and check Jimin in his room?"

"Okay hyung." Jungkook go upstairs and walk towards their baby's room.

"Jiminie, sweetie are you awake." Jungkook said while peeking his head inside the room. He spot a little bump on Jimin's bed. Jungkook chuckles a bit and proceed to the cuties bed.

"Baby~...wake up." he whisper to Jimin's ears and peck him multiple times.

"Hhhmmm~ Five more minutes." The little one mumble sleepily.

"But baby Jinnie Eomma prepared your favorite..." Jungkook smiles and peck his lips which made Jiminie giggles and kiss his Daddy on the lips.

"But daddy I wanna cuddle~..."

"Baby, we can cuddle all day after we eat. Come on we don't want Eomma Jinnie waiting right?" Jungkook smiles

"nooo~ eomma gets weally weally scawy when he's angwy at Chiminie." Jimin whisper-yells to Kookie and run towards the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his faceu.

The little's action made Jungkook chuckles silently and smile idiotly.

"Daddy, Chiminie done can we go down stairs?"

"Sure Baby, come're Daddy will carry you sweetheart."

"Daddy, I wanna walk cause chim chim a big boy...but can we hold hands pwease?" Jimin made puppy eyes which Jungkook can't say no.

"Let's go baby."

When they arrived at the kitchen, each of his caregivers greet Jimin and kiss his forehead which cause him to giggle a lot.


"yes daddy joonie?"

"Well....we all decided to give you a list of what will you call each of us so we can know who is who....is that okay with you baby." Namjoon said and smile nervously to Jimin

"And is it okay if we make some rules, punishments and rewards,....it's okay if you're not comfortable with the idea sweetie." Yoongi said also smiling awkwardly to Jimin....actually all of them is staring at him having the awkward but hopeful smile.

"It is fine with me as long its for the good of all of us!" Jimin cheered giving them his signature eye smile.

They all sigh in relief.

"We can give you the list after we eat munchkin, but for now let's eat the food is getting cold." Tae said

While they're eating Hoseok notice that Jimin is struggling while eating because of his sweater touching the food.

Jimin is wearing one of Jin's sweater which he love the most because its fluffy and comfy to wear and a pair of boxers that are too short that it hides under his (Jin's) sweater. His thighs didn't go unnotice by each of them which drove them all crazy by their baby. And not to mention that freaking sweater paws that looks cute, too cute for Jimin.

"Baby?...come here sit beside me,Seokie will help you eat, I can see you having trouble eating."

"Thank you Daddy." Jimin says shyly.

"aww you're welcome honey!"

After they ate, Yoongi represent to wash the dishes because he don't want another plate shattering on the floor because of Namjoon.(no offense joonie)

After that, they all settled on the living room writing the rules and etc.
After they are done they gave it to little baby munchkin.

"Here you go love read it for us." Jin said hugging Jimin since the little is on his eomma's lap.

1.No cursing (dat's bad )

2.No Shouting

3.No sweets after 8

4.No whining

5.Sleep time at 9 minimun and 10 maximum.

6.Don't be too naughty

7.No running on the stairs

8.You will have a nap time (depends on when we like or when You like)

9.Don't make us angry at you

10.No doubting yourself and always remember that we love you and you have to love yourself too Love.

1.No cuddles from all of us

2.No kisses

3.Time out

4.No sweets for a week

5.No one will sleep with you for a night

The rules and punishments make Jimin pout but they kiss him to erase the pout

"We're making it for you baby, for us"

"I know, i understand." and he smile again.

And now for the most awaited list the Rewards.

1.Extra playtime

2.Extended cuddle time


4.Sweets but not until 8...remember

5.Go outside

6.You can wear Yoonie's sweater

7.You can go with Kookie wherever he goes. (a/n: LOL)

8.You can have your favorite dinosaur nuggies

9.We can all sleep together.(which usually happens everytime.)

"Jiminie, what do you think?" Tae ask.

"Its spectacular.....hihihi...taetae can you put at the back of the rewards what Im gonna call you."

"oh right...wait a minute baby boy." Joon said.


After a while

"Here you go princess." kookie said

"Wookie am not a princess." (a/n: lowkey singing taylor swift White Horse....okay ill stop.)

"Yeah you are." jimin smiled and sigh in defeat and proceed to read the back of the paper.

This is what you're gonna call us baby

Tae......(call me whatever you want sweetie(♡˙︶˙♡))

Jimin smiled contently.

"i wuv them all." jimin thought

To Be Continue.......


Hi my lovely babies....so im here writing this.....and making myself look so pathetic *sigh* I love you all tho.

Btw this story in not proofreaded


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