Eat Up

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~Oh for fork's sake~❤️

Two weeks went by without a hitch and the two chefs stayed out of each other's way. Everything that was done between them was professional and straightforward.

And she enjoyed every second of it.

No hassling her about her personal life.

It was becoming annoying. He didn't care so why does he keep asking?

And the missed calls from her mom never ceased. If anything, they multiplied.

She bought a new phone after she threw the old one against her bedroom wall when it wouldn't stop ringing.

Zelah avoided any personal conversations with Sam and he in turn barely saw her as he kept turning a matter over in his mind.

His sister was pregnant.

And surprisingly that made him want to kill the stupid guy more.

“He. put. his. hands. on. you Ashley. You really think I'm going to let that go?? Tell me where he is.”

Zelah snuck glances at him from the table she was standing by as he paced at the back of the coffee shop, fuming.

She had been working for two hours in the restaurant and he hadn't been inside for them.

She couldn't care about him even if she wanted. He was a egotistical, self-centered jerk of a man who didn't care about anything that didn't concern him personally.

But very pretty to look at. His only good quality.

But the message didn't reach her feet because they walked right out of the kitchen and searched for him in the yard until she saw him pacing through the windows.

“I didn't want to talk to you because you were being stubborn! But you getting knocked up changes things, doesn't it?”

He paused and listened to what she was saying.

Zelah froze at his words and tried to keep her face neutral. He hadn't seen her yet, which was good because she was still trying to contain herself.

Eavesdropping is wrong.

But her feet didn't move. And her ears strained to get his words because he lowered his voice.

“Are you eating well? Sleeping? And don't lie, I would know.”

He scratched the back of his neck and sighed, taking one of the seats beside him.

“Come be with me for a while. Please? I don't want you to be alone.”

He smiled at her words and tapped the table rhythmically.

“Okay fine. Bye. I'm still mad. I love you.”

He ended the call and tapped the screen a few times.

“Do you eavesdrop on every body or is it just me?”

She gaped and closed her mouth, guilt written all over her face.

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