Part Two

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"We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us." - Francois Rabelais

  Karlie stepped out of the bathroom, running her fingers through her freshly washed, brunette hair. A comfy cotton sweater she'd borrowed from Taylor read "genius" and the leggings were also the smaller girl's. While picking off bits of lent that had caught onto the fuzzy sweater she made her way to the kitchen, which had a more contemporary feel with it's updated stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. On the counter was a new, steaming pitcher of sweet tea. 

    "Tay?" Karlie asked out loud as an amused smile crept up on her. 

   "Karl?" She heard her voice call from the distance, only making her playfully roll her eyes. Leave it to Taylor to think it's appropriate to play pool at eight O'clock at night when she knows very well Karlie had to get going soon. Following her voice and already memorizing the apartment, she went to her room she'd set up a pool table in and leaned against the frame of the door, "What are you doing?" She crossed her arms. 

  "I don't know, is it working?" She asked as she removed the plastic triangle from around pool balls, forming a perfect triangle. 

 "You know exactly what you're doing." She playfully rolled her eyes once more before pushing her side away from the frame, "I'm borrowing your sweater." She called out before turning to leave the entrance way. 

 "Wait!" Taylor called before round the pool table and following Karlie out, "You know you like pool."

 " I do," Karlie confirmed, spinning around to walk backwards to the door, "but I also like getting some sleep before going to a shoot--and not just any shot, Nick Night's. He's a good friend, I can't do that to him." She shrugged, giving a cheeky smile.

  "One game. Just one." Taylor's pouted lip pooched out more as she walked towards the taller girl.

 "You almost got me killed, don't you think you're asking a little bit too much of me?" She asked, a playful smirk playing on her ace. 

 "Shut up, did not!" She laughed, "I had to drag you out of there--"

 "I was tying up your canoe, Miss Swift!" She said in defense, still laughing before backing up against the door, her hand feeling around until it gained a feel of the door handle.

 Taylor stepped forward, letting a small gap remain between them remain, "Then why did we stay in the car so long?"

 The question was like a double meaning but not until Karlie's smile faded. The care ride hadn't happened till almost thirty minuets until they'd actually both been in the safety of the care. She knew why and yet she asked out loud, knowing very well that Karlie would ignore the question or come up with some half ass answer and shrug it off.

 "The safest place to be in that situation was the car. Beats being in the middle of a pond that might as well be a lake, and getting struck." She said matter of factually."Good night Taylor." 

 WIth that the supermodel slipped out the door, closing the door lightly. Leaving Taylor on the other side.

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