Chapter 13

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Day : Tuesday
Date : 12/6/18

Hello guys! Like I have promised before, here is chapter 13 for you. I am really sorry for making you wait so long for it. But I have my own reason for that.

The reason is..because I want to update it on one of my best friends' birthday!😆😆😆

Ok Ok..Let me take this as opportunity to wish happy birthday to my best friend.

Happy Birthday, Jannah!😆🎉

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Okay, let's proceed shall we?


Ryder Stone's POV

The punching sound was clearly heard as I furiously punched on my punching bag in my gym room. Why did I do that? Because punching Brian was not enough for me. How I wish I can kill him right then.

* Flashback *

"I have to go now too." I said not even cared to look at anyone as I had zero mood right now. I had too much to think of.

"Okay..." Adam replied sounded unsure, or confuse? I don't know. I don't care.

After Adam said that, I walked out from the classroom leaving the group. Not that I was waiting for an okay first before I can go out anyway.

As I was walking through the corridor, I saw that Brian guy walking with his friends while talking and laughing looking like they were having such a great day.

I frowned.

That f*cker..doesn't he feel any guilty after injuring my girl??

Oh I forgot..of course he's in a good mood since he got to talk with her alone today. Huh.. I scowled at the thought.

With that, I continued walking behind them to get to my locker.

As I reached my locker, I opened it and put some of my books in it before closing it and locking it back.

I closed my eyes and sighed heavily before resting my forehead on the locker.

"Camellia? What do you mean?" I heard that Brian guy said making me turned to look at him.

Talking about my girl now huh?

"Well..I heard about what had happened between you and her." one of his friends said, managed to catch my attention completely.

I frowned at that.

Is it wrong to eavesdropping? Well..even if it is, I don't give a f*ck.

"Oh that. Well..I want her attention. And I cannot think of anything else besides throwing a ball at her since I was holding a ball that time. So why not right?" he shrugged.


I balled my fist, patiently waiting for what they're going to said next.

"But I think you have gone too far, Brian. You have injured that short beauty, you know."

"I know that. I didn't notice that I was throwing the ball too strong." he said, frowning a little before continued. "But at least I get her attention now." he smirked afterward.

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