chapter 21

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Rosie pov:-

"I'm going to kill those filthy witches", someone roared angrily, that voice was cold and emotionless filled with rage, but I know that voice, even in my dreams I will recognize his voice, my husband's voice, my Edwards. I hiss in discomfort as the harsh rays of sunlight directly falls on my sensitive eyes, I close my eyes immediately. I heard a few gasps and some shuffling.

"Close the curtains", Edward orders, the curtains are immediately drawn in. I slowly open my eyes to see Edward looming over me, looking concerned and worried but mostly scared, terrified about me. I give him a small sad smile and open my arms to him.

With a teary smile he gets on the bed with me and engulfed me in his arms, he leans his head on my chest and snuggle close to me, breathing my scent. I hear some sniffing sounds around, so I look up to see, miya, siya, raina and Sheila standing there. They wipe their tears and give a small smile to me. I looked around to see many other people were standing there, looking at us.

I look down blushing, I was little embarrassed that they were seeing us in this position. I gently nudge Edward to get his attention but he snuggles more in to chest and wraps his arms around my hips pulling me closer to him as possible as he could.

I hear a small feminine laughter followed by others too. I didn't dare to look up at them, I was too embarrassed for that.

"I think it's better we leave them alone", a male voice says still laughing. I hear footsteps leaving and the sound of door shutting. I sigh in relief and look up to make sure no one was there. I looked down at Edward, he looked like a small baby, dark circles adored below his eyes. I leaned and kissed his forehead and ran my fingers in his hair.

" comfortable enough? Or do you need anything else", I asked him teasing for which in return he snuggled more closer making me giggle by his silly action.

"Yes, your dress in between is a bit uncomfortable for me. Could please remove it?", He said innocently but I knew that he was anything but innocent, I blushed red at his words, I slapped on his head playfully. He chuckled and bought himself closer to me. We stayed in the same position, just comforting each other, basking in each other's warmth.



"What is happening?", His body tensed at my question. He lifted his head up and looked at me.

"I'm scared", a tear slipped from my eyes. He wiped the fallen tear and embraced me in his arms. I still remember the blood of the dead human and his crying voice still filled my ears. I remember what happened in the meadow and I'm scared that it will happen again. I know its the works of the witches, they were the ones who did all this, created this mess.

I heard stories about the witches, they were powerful creatures, it is really hard to kill them. They don't have a any kind of form and they use people's soul to keep them alive and live for eternity.  The treaty between human and werewolf kingdom was made because of these witches. The witches kidnapped humans mostly the kids and did god knows what to them. They were not seen again not even their dead bodies.

This is the second time that they are doing this I don't understand why me. I heard from miya before that the witches never bothered them before. Why now? I'm a human that's why or because of some other reasons. I don't understand why they targeted me. I couldn't bear anymore of their tortures. I was scared of them and their power.

"Nothing will happen to you, no need to be scared. It will never happen again I promise you that. This time those witches will see my wrath. They hurt the most precious person in my life, I will not spare them. Those filthy witches will die before they could touch a single hair of yours. To get you they have to face my me and my wrath first", Edward growled and stood up from the bed, his growl was  loud filled with determination,  he hands were in fists and his eyes were glowing in golden. His expression was murderous and deathly. His whole body was shaking in rage and fury.

I gasped when I realized that he had had my thoughts and worry. Our minds were linked again. His emotions flowed in my mind. His anger, rage, fury, confusion's, worries and sadness, it all hit me at ones. I put my head in my hands, all these sudden emotions made my head spin. I quickly stood up and went towards him.

"Edward please calm down", I took hold of his hand and turned his face towards mine hoping he calmed down a bit. When his golden eyes met my scared and pained ones, he realized what was happening and put the barrier in his mind.

"I'm sorry", he whispered softly and traced a finger on my cheek to my lips. He leaned in and kissed me on my lips softly. It was soft at first but then he deepened the kiss and kissed me feverishly. I kissed him back with the same intensity. We kissed like there is no tomorrow. I pulled away from him for some air, his lips immediately went towards my neck, he kissed and nibbled on his mark, which left me hot and wanting.

"Edward",I moaned his name and sank my fingers in his soft hair and tagged on them, which made him groan back. He gave open mouth kisses on my throat till back to my mouth. He us walked back to the back still kissing me passionately. He pulled the tread which held the robe, it slipped easily. The robe opened and I was bare before him. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at me from top to bottom. I blushed red and tried to cover myself but that made him growl.

He ripped the robe of me and pushed me back on the bed. He eyes roamed my bare body and smirked at the mess I was right now. I tried to sit up but he just pushed me back again. He held my ankle and dragged me towards the edge of the bed. This was not a right time I knew but, I wanted this, this distraction, distraction from the witches, from the blood, from that dead man. I want no, I need this distraction.

He gave a kiss on my waist and stood up. He removed his clothes slowly rather very slowly. He was making me wait, it was a slow torture for me. I was frustrated by his slow actions, so I stand up and ripped his shirt off, the buttons of his flew around.

"Easy there tigress", he laughed at my actions, I huffed and bought his face towards me harshly, I crashed me lips to his. That did the work and he kissed me back with the same passion.
He pulled back and pushed me back and hovered above me. He leaned his forehead on mine and whispered the words which I never thought I will ever hear from him.

"I love you"


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