Chapter 55 | The Saviors

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Braunick flew towards an unconscious Venon. He raised his arm, preparing to kill him as well. He cackled evilly, creating yet another ball of black and white energy. He raised it above his head and pointed it towards the dragon, all of the Destigems watching intesnely and praying he didn't do it.

Their prayers were answered when Braunick was slammed against the cloud yet again. Everyone looked and saw a black dragon hovering over the cloud. Thad and a couple Ar'guals rode atop the dragon's back, raising their weapons in adrenaline and roaring loudly. 

Thad jumped off the dragon's back quickly as Braunick got back up and launched at the Ar'guals. The dwarf ran to the Destigems who were tied up and freed everyone but hesitated when he came to Vrängr and Agent X. Marque quickly explained to him they were on their side now, and Thad suspiciously cut their ropes.

"Thad, what's going on?" Agent 34 asked.

"The Ar'guals arrived," Thad explained. "and so did some dragons. The dragons were running from the storm as well and the Ar'guals spotted them flying away from Renya. They quickly allied and came here to aid us in battle. Most of the dragons are helping us down below, and we came up here on Barjual, an old friend of mine," Thad said. "I can explain the rest later. Now, we need to get the hell out of here. The battle down there isn't going good, and I don't suppose you've found a weakness right?"

"No," Agent 34 said. "He took all of our gems. It's over, Thad," 

The dwarf's face went grim and he looked down at his feet. "Don't lose hope," Thad said. "Only the Gods can save us now,"

All of them ran back towards Braunick, who was holding off Barjual, the black dragon that saved them all. Agent 34 took a look at him, and a realization flashed across his mind.

An image of a black dragon appeared in his mind. Three figures rode atop of it, but Agent 34 could only make out one of them: Thad. He looked young and wore thick, silver armor. A small beard was growing, and looked in his teenager years.

Agent 34 remembered another flashback he had when he first entered the Zena. An image of another young dwarf popped into his mind. It was Thad once again. 

He put the pieces together. I remembered both of those images when I first awoke in the desert! Agent 34 thought to himself. He remembered that there were two other visions he had seen in the Desert of Beasts, but couldn't remember. 

Why was he getting images of the dragon and Thad?

He was confused, but would have to figure it out after the battle.

"Agent 34, quit standing there and help us!" Vrängr yelled. The elf snapped back to reality and picked up his sword, which he had dropped when he began to remember the visions. He looked up and saw Braunick battling both Barjual and the Ar'guals in the sky, and the Destigems on the ground. 

Braunick shot a beam of black and white energy at the dragon, then threw a punch at Arenia who slashed at his feet. The king hovered slightly above the cloud and high enough for the group to get blows on him. Marque quickly grabbed Thad and threw him at the king, who gripped onto his cape and dangled there. He nailed him in the back with his hammer, Braunick getting pushed forwards slightly. He whipped around and Thad flew off, hitting the cloud with a thump. 

Braunick launched at the dwarf, flying towards him at immense speeds. Agent 34 quickly ran after his brother, jumping into the air and grabbing ahold of his foot and pulling him out of the air. He howled and launched at the elf instead, tackling him down and rolling onto the cloud. 

Agent X ran after the pair who tumbled around the cloud, wrestling intensely. She jumped upon Braunick, trying to pull him off. Vrängr came next, helping Ismara try to get the king off of his brother. Soon, everyone was on top of one another as Braunick burst out of the pile of Destigems trying to get Braunick.

"Later losers," Braunick said. "I'm off to get that last gem. I can't wait to see Sercon again!" He flew off and then straight down, ripping a hole in the cloud. 

"Come on," one of the Ar'guals on Barjual said. "He's getting away!"

Agent 34 got up and ran to Venon, who was still unconscious in the distance. Everyone else piled atop Barjual and took off, flying to the edge of the storm and reentering the world below them. The elf slapped the dragon slightly, who grunted and pushed himself off the ground. He stood up, shaking slightly.

"Braunick's getting away," Agent 34 said, climbing onto his back. "We need to go," 

"I can't," Venon grunted, trying to fly. "I'm in no condition. Look," The dragon lifted up his left wing, which was torn terribly. "Go on without me. He got me bad,"

Agent 34 looked at the dragon and realized he had no other choice. "I'm going to come back for you," The elf quickly pulled his wand out of his boot which he had stored in there just in case he had a chance to use it. Agent 34 had recently not been using wands due to his gem's growing power, but he no longer had it and had to use a wand with every spell.

"Aid Venon's wing," Agent 34 muttered, throwing the end of the stick towards the dragon. "and save me," The elf put the stick back into his boot and jumped off the dragon, energy slightly being taken from him. He felt weaker, but was strong enough for what he was about to do.

Agent 34 ran towards the hole Braunick made in the cloud. He spotted it, and jumped into it head-first and prayed Braunick was nearby.

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