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theodoraejames: T-10 hours until I'm on a plane back to Chicago. Oh, Europe how I miss you already! 😢
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username1: always the dramatic one

isaacjames97: I think it's actually me you miss 😏

theodoraejames: umm...no @isaacjames97

bexcrier7: stop trying to make everyone love you, zac 🙄🙄

isaacjames97: wow. hurtful. some sister you are @theodoraejames

isaacjames97: um everyone does love me REBECCA @bexcrier7

username2: i'm so glad you're coming back!! i've missed you!!!!♥️

username3: i missed you too ☺️☺️

theodoraejames: aww ily guys so much!! let's go to Portillo's when I come back!!! @username2 @username3

isaacjames97: oooh can i come ???

bexcrier7: you can't remember?? you're in california!!! 🙄🙄

isaacjames97: ooh right 😉 i formally rescind my request to join you for lunch @theodoraejames

bexcrier7: 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ we can't do anything with you @isaacjames97

theodoraejames: ??? @bexcrier7 @isaacjames97

bexcrier7: see you soon, love you!! 🥰😘♥️ @theodoraejames

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