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To follow the rule that we couldn't be publicly seen together I hadn't been to the boys flat at all. Anytime I went out in public with them, I made sure to always sit near Niall who had grown to be my closest friend. I made sure to text Danielle and Eleanor about the situation, and they completely understood when I said it probably wasn't best if I was spotted out and about with the other One Direction girlfriends. 

"Let's go! Time to hit the road!" Niall yelled, storming into my room. "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

I groaned and threw my pillow at him before sitting up. "Niall, what are you doing here? Everyone is supposed to meet at the studio for an hour."

"Well I came and got you early because I'm excited! So get up! I'm taking you out for breakfast before we leave!" I flopped back onto my pillow, trying to ignore him. He wasn't having it. Niall hopped onto my bed and starting jumping up and down. "Up! Up! Up! I'm hungry, lets go! Time to get up!"

I forced myself to get out of bed and I grabbed the outfit I had laid out yesterday. "Are you going to stay in here and watch me change?" I ask, politely raising my eyebrows.

"I'll go get you checked out! Be down in the lobby is eight minutes or I'm coming back up!" He grabbed my massive suitcase and exited, wheeling it behind him. 

I threw on the black skinny pants and a whit t-shirt that read J'adore Dior. I hopped into my bathroom and threw on some simple make up with a cherry red lip that popped against the dark print of the t-shirt. I was wearing suede Louboutin pumps and I threw on a leather jacket before heading downstairs. 

"Whoa!" Niall greeted me with a quick peck on the cheek. "You look smoking, Gem."

"Thanks," I grinned. I had spent a lot of time choosing this outfit, knowing that my pictures would bet taken today since we were leaving for the tour. "How did you get here?" I asked, remembering that he couldn't drive.

"Zayn drove. He's waiting for us out front. I already put your bag in the car." He winked and led me out the door. He opened the passenger side door and bowed. "My lady."

"Why thank you good sir," I replied, giggling. I got into the car and couldn't hide the joy on my face from seeing Zayn beside me. 

"Hey babe," he said, planting a brief but intense kiss on my lips. "I've missed you."

"I saw you at the studio three days ago, and you've texted me every day since!" I exclaimed as Niall climbed into the back seat. 

"So you haven't missed me?" He asked, putting on a sad face.

"Of course I have!" I admitted. "How was seeing the family?"

"Great!" His face lit up as he talked about the past couple of days which he had spent in Bradford with his family. "They're excited to meet you."

"How are we going to sneak me into Bradford?" I asked.

Zayn pulled out of the parking lot, looking thoughtful. "We've got some time to think about it. I know you're going home for the first break, and the next one isn't until the end of August. Hopefully we can go public by then."

"I'm guessing you won't be able to come with me in July," I said, my voice not quite masking my disappointment. 

"Probably not," Zayn agreed. "But maybe we'll be able to think of something. I'd love to be in America for the 4th of July."

"Me too!" Niall piped up from the back seat. 

"You're invited to come home to Minnesota if you want!" I offered. "My sister would die if I brought you home."

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