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After spending a surprisingly restful night in Ian's guest bedroom, Sonora woke to the aroma of breakfast. After dressing in one of his sister's easier to understand outfits, she headed to the source of the aroma.

Entering the kitchen, she saw Ian hard at work, wearing more clothes than she had ever seen him wearing. There was an actual shirt along with a different pair of swimming trunks.

"Good morning," he said eyes glued to what he was doing. "Breakfast will be done in a moment."

"Can I help?"

"There really isn't anything left to do," he said then lifted his gaze to roam over her. "You are beautiful."

It was said, not in a romantic or sexy way, but as if it were a statement of fact. Like one would say the sun is shining on a sunny day. For some reason, that meant more to her and she flustered.

"Oh thank you," she stammered out, blushing. It didn't help when he continued to stare at her. "You look- look very nice too."

Ian gave her a lopsided smile and a wink but instead of going back to cooking, he continued to focus on her. "Stop." Sonora shook her finger at him as her body went from a blush to a broil. "I can't take it anymore. I'm setting the table." To prevent herself from squirming, she turned to the cupboards, sure that his gaze trailed her until she was out of the room.

Breakfast was nothing that Sonora could recognize but she tried everything. With the exception of one rather slimy dish, she liked it all. That one she offered to Ian, which he accepted and eagerly downed with the same exuberance he seemed to have for all food.

While they ate, Ian answered some of the questions that Sonora had about the how Atlantis worked. Sonora found out that for power, they harnessed the ocean's internal waves, and the reason the water was so warm in this area was the geothermal energy under the ocean floor.

After answering all her questions, Ian leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. "How about I ask you some questions now?"

Sonora wondered what on earth he would ask her about, but decided she wasn't going to find out. He knew enough about her as it was, so in a light-hearted tone, she said, "Pfft. No. I'm the so-called accidental kidnappee, who you are now trying to appease. You are the big, bad kidnapper. I get to ask all the questions."

"Not going to let it go, are you?" he said, smiling at her line of reasoning. "You do remember that I saved your life, right?"

Sonora rolled her eyes. "So you say, and you know what I think of that. So let's just play nice and move along."

Sonora was sorry for her words when she realized that, to Ian, moving along meant teaching her to use the little breather. He, first, told her she wasn't too far off on what the cylinder's name was when translated into English and then launched into a detailed explanation of how it worked. Sonora was sure that her eyes had glazed over before he took pity on her and moved on with the actual lesson.

After a few tries though, she was ready to give up. More often then not, the thing would be blasting her in the eyes, or the side of her head making her hair raise in a violent turmoil.

"No, you have to breathe the air in as you push the button," Ian choked out between his laughter.

"Stop laughing at me!" Sonora yelled through her own laughter. After getting control of herself, she said, "Just let me use the tank, this thing is impossible. There is so much pressure."

"Children can use it. So can you. Try again," he ordered.

"Ugh!" The next time was better, at first, then she started violently coughing.

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