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Zane shouted as I chugged the red solo cup. The warm vodka burned every inch of my throat and stomach, it was like drinking peroxide. I choked as I slammed the cup on the ping-pong table, beating the boy across from me. David cheered as he ran his camera up to my nauseated face, I laughed silently, feeling the alcohol slowly affect my body.

I felt it lurch back up my throat, "Zane, wheres the bathroom?" I asked not wanting to throw up for the whole vlog and party to see. He pointed down the hall, and I hurried my way through the crowd. It was conveniently the only door in the hallway, so I quickly knocked. After no response I threw myself in, slamming and locking the door.

"Fuck-" I groaned as I collapsed near the toilet and dry-heaved. I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket, but the bile invading my mouth stopped me from answering it. After I was done, I wiped my mouth and slammed my head against the door. "Fuck," I murmured once more as I weakly made it to my feet and the sink. I rinsed my mouth quickly, along with my hands. 

I flushed the toilet and sat on top the seat I set down, checking my phone. Alex texted me, I slid on it to read the full message. 

"Where are you?"

I read out loud, whispering to myself. I quickly shot back a text, "Bathroom." My head swayed as I leaned it against the back of the toilet.  I groaned in agony as I felt like I was gonna puke again. My phone distracted me, it must be Alex again. "You okay?" the little text bubble read. I smiled, lying back with a yes.

I exited the bathroom, wobbly and wanting to leave. I felt somebody grab my hips, if this isn't Alex they're about to get a fist to the throat. I spun around, seeing the boy's smile. "I guess somebody's getting throat punched," I murmured to myself. 

"Hey! Lets go dance!" He screamed over the music. I laughed awkwardly, trying to get out of his grip. Another hand laced around my wrist, pulling me away. "She's actually leaving with me," Alex's sweet voice shouted. I melted into his warm chest which I was entangled around. The boy quickly retreated, "Thank you," I slurred. I felt his chest jitter with a chuckle, making me grab his face and give him a quick kiss. He pushed me down, making a repulsed face. "Did you drink vodka?'" He asked.

I looked up and nodded, He sighed and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the house and party. He quickly put me in the passenger seat of David's car. I awkwardly looked to see David, grinning wide and trying to hold in his laughter. "Fuck," I complained, seeing that I won't hear the end of it. "I have so much vlog footage of you," he laughed, starting the engine.

"David," I groaned, "I might puke in your car," I warned, completely avoiding what he said.

He shot me a worried glare, immediately hitting the gas. I curled up in a ball, trying not to focus on the constant swerving of the car. When we hit another hard turn, I felt my stomach flip. "David, slow the fuck down!" I snapped, holding my head in between my knees. He laughed, once again, "Were almost home chill out."

He stopped suddenly, making me hit my hands against the dashboard. "Do you need us to bring you to your room?" he asked, gesturing towards my apartment building. "I'm fine," I sighed, scrambling out of the car. When I stumbled on the curb, Alex immediately got out of the car and steadied me. "David, Im gonna take her," he said, waving goodbye.

I turned in Alex's arms, looking up towards his face. "Can you stay over?" I whispered. He nodded, yelling to David how he was gonna stay and call and uber home. Just like that, David left, leaving Alex to escort me with a bear hug.

Once he got me in the elevator and the doors shut, I collapsed against him, resting my head on his arm. He wrapped his arms around me, and my knees felt weak. "Alex," I purred, "Will you carry me?" I asked in the most sweet voice I could. He groaned as he lifted under my butt, hoisting me to his waist I looped my arms around his neck as he guided me to the apartment.

I gave him my keys and he unlocked the door, slamming it shut once we were inside. "Where do you wanna go? Bed?" He asked as if I was a toddler. I nodded against his shoulder as he walked up the loft's steps. He set me to stand up and pushed me towards my closet. "Now get in clean clothes and go to bed," he said like a strict parent.

-(woo woo gets kinda mature here kiddies beware)-

I tiredly made it to my walk in closet, ripping off my shirt once I was inside. I unclasped me bra and looked for a sweatshirt. My drunk mind tried to think of where to get one, even though there were plenty in front of me. I walked out, completely shirtless, and walked up to the loft's railing. I leaned over, searching for Alex.

"Alex~" I hummed drunkly. He looked up from the couch, widening his eyes at the sight. "Can I borrow your sweatshirt, honey?" He was already bolting up the stairs. "Put your arms up," He shouted as he ripped off the sweatshirt. I raised my hands towards the ceiling as he threw the sweatshirt over them and sliding it down my body, completely enclosing me in the fabric.

"Dont do that!" He scolded, "You have a huge window, right there," he gestured to the entire glass wall that overlooked the street. I shrugged as he brought me back to the closet, "Now, no jean shorts to bed, and no, you cannot borrow my pants." He shoved me in and slammed the door, leaning against it.

I slipped off the shorts and left them on the floor, walking towards the velvet shorts I had. It seemed I was getting more drunk by the second, as I tried to fumble my way into my pants. I opened up the door, fixing my eyes on Alex who was sitting on the edge of my bed. My mind went perverted as I strutted over and kneeled in front of him. 

I placed my hands on his knees, biting my lower lip slightly. "Alex honey," I raised my brow as I licked my lips, "Im kinda hungry."

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