Twenty-Eight – Last Day on Earth

The weight of the dread almost suffocated Jo in her bed. This would be her last sleep on Earth, her last sleep in the bunker. Her last moments with Sam and Dean Winchester. Her last moments with Jessica and Charlie, and yes even Meg.

She and the others could get taken away right now. What if I am back in Heaven already, and the angels have disguised it as the bunker? That would be some messed up shit.

But as Jo got out of her room and into the bunker kitchen, she detected nothing fishy or suspicious. Everything checked out. She wasn't aware of the time; she didn't acknowledge the clock that was on the nightstand near her bed.

Though she was in the kitchen, Jo didn't feel particularly hungry. But I have to eat something. She wasn't fond of forcing herself to eat, but she knew she had to.

Jo pulled some stale cereal from one of the cabinets and began to pick at it. As she sat down, Jessica came in with a sluggish tint in her gait. Neither exchanged greetings, Jessica went straight for the coffee pot, searching for a pack to put in. Charlie followed in not long after, looking as though she had been crying all night.

"You think they'll give us a chance to have one last meal first?" was Charlie's bitter joke first thing.

"It's only fair," said Jessica, who was getting frustrated with her search. "Don't tell me that we're out of coffee. It is the worst time to run out right now."

"What, does a monster come out if you don't get your first cup?" Jo asked.

"No, I just wanted to have one last real pot of coffee before going back upstairs." Jessica huffed.

"Do you think they'll just carry us off, or do you think it requires them kill us again?" Charlie asked the two.

"Let's hope it's the first option," said Jo. "If they think that the second option is their only option, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna fight. All bets are off if they're going to attempt murder. I'm not dying again because some dickwads with wings say that we've broken Heaven Law."

"In a way, we are dying again, though," Jessica whispered. "We're being taken back to Heaven. I just hope they don't, like, steal our souls from our bodies so we have an out-of-body experience." She shuddered. "I don't think I could handle that."

"Let's not think up bad scenarios," said Charlie. "Let's just focus on what time we've got now together and spend it how we want to. If anybody's got love declarations that they want to get out before we leave, you better go do them." The redhead's eyes fell onto Jo.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" the disgruntled blonde asked.

"Don't you get defensive." Charlie sat at the table, across from Jo. "You and Dean have an unspoken thing. Neither of you have acted on it!"

"Why bother? I'm leaving soon, anyhow. It's not worth it."

"Spare me the mopey bullshit."

Jo's eyes widened at Charlie's sharp tone. "Whoa there, Charlie."

"I'm serious, Jo. If I had your situation, I would most definitely do my declaration of love if I had the opportunity! Dean won't be the one to say it, because it's not in his nature."

"It's not in mine either."

"This may be the last time you get to tell him. Don't waste it. The same goes for you, Jess. If you still love Sam, you better tell him."

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