Midnight Man

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COMPLETE Manga Spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: Re.

Violence, cannibalism, sexual themes, swearing, and other standard Tokyo Ghoul themes. You have been warned.

The Midnight Man

Despite the heavy rain, cracks of thunder, and strong winds that had ripped the umbrella out of her hands an [embarrassing] number of times; Lorenz Ilse was having a good day. The dark, damp grey trench-coat engulfed her thin frame, sticking slightly to her in an uncomfortable way. Her pale fingers gripped her umbrella's handle tight, making sure not to let go this time, as she walked down the busy streets of the 1st Ward.

Unlike most Wards, the 1st was typically quite lacking in the general public. Due to it being the home of the main CCG Office, most would think it would be a hotspot for civilians, as the Ward was easily the safest out of all of them. But, apparently, being around the almost military-like Investigators brought upon a lot of discomfort in the general public.

The people were afraid of them. Not the Ghouls. Them. The good guys! Or so, most Investigators liked to believe. Ilse, personally, didn't really care much about morals or the fight of good against evil. All she really wanted was a nice big, fat paycheck to provide for her meals and easy life [well, a life as easy as it can get when you fight the living embodiment of the monster in a child's closet. Seriously, why does no one ever talk about how horrific looking Ghouls are?]

But, Ghoul Investigators tended to have a kind of presence to them. Like they've stared into the gates of Hell, and the gates of Hell stared right back up at them. Either way, Ilse didn't mind, all it meant was that no would to bother her so long as she wore her big, puffy coat and carried her Quinque by her side.


The woman halted, glancing back over her shoulder, and brushing back the blonde hair that stuck to her cheek, reaching down to her shoulders. Her green eyes peered curiously down the street she had been walking, landing on another Investigator as he ran towards her.

He stopped before her, hands clutching his knees as he breathed out heavily. Ilse tilted her head, 'Wow. Dude's really gotta work out.'

"Lorenz-san!" He stood up straight, smiling in relief. "I'm so glad I caught up with you before you left. Special Class Arima-san has returned and, well, you asked me to inform you of when—"

Ilse cut him off, a smile widening on her freckled cheeks as she reached out and grabbed his hands. "Thanks, man!" She shook his hand wildly, leaning forward a little too far into his personal space. "I owe you one!"

He quickly drew his hand back, spluttering awkwardly. "It's... It's no issue, Lorenz-san. I—"

She interjected once more, hands falling to her hips. "Hey, while I've got ya, what was the name of the next operation? The one by the sea?"

"Operation A-64," he peered down at her in confusion. "S3 has been assigned to it. Weren't you at the briefing, Lorenz-san?"

"Yeah, but I fell asleep." She straightened up, smiling again. "Thanks, that must be what Kishou wants."

The other Investigator seemed almost offended by how casually Ilse addressed her superior officer, but she either didn't notice or didn't care. Only holding her hand out to give him one last enthusiastic handshake, using both her hands.

"Thanks, I'll sea you later." She winked, before quickly dashing off, chuckling into her enclosed fist.

She briefly heard the investigator whisper, "They keep getting younger and younger." Likely thinking she wouldn't hear him from such a distant, but she did and smiled a little wider.

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