Twenty-Seven – "I Don't Do Feelings, I Don't Do Sappy Goodbyes."

The comradery went well into the late hours of the night. By then, everyone retired to their rooms, save Cas and Meg, the only two beings in the bunker who never slept a wink in their lives.

Meg gave herself a private tour of the bunker one last time. She wasn't planning on hanging around for the inevitable goodbyes, those just weren't her thing. And she wasn't about to let the group realize that she had come to like the girls more than she let on, that her snark, lately, was a shield.

The mischievous side of her wanted to sneak into some rooms and scare the sleepy people in their beds. She especially thought it tempting with Alex and Claire, being that they were just kids and she knew she could get a good scare out of them.

Meg enjoyed the beauty of silence in the early morning hours. Nobody bothered her, she could do as she pleased, well, before Castiel would find her anyhow.

Him I just might miss the most, and he's not Heaven bound. Maybe...No, he'd never go for the Bonnie and Clyde shtick. He's not evil, he doesn't have a bad reputation, the sap. He'll always follow his handlers around like the little puppy that he is.

Meg sighed deep in her chest. She didn't want to be alone when she left the bunker, though it wouldn't be much different to how she'd spent most of her life. It wasn't like she was going back to Purgatory, she was free to roam about the planet.

Silently, Meg went up the stairs and quietly got the doors open to the bunker so as to not stir the others. When she ventured out into the night, she saw the two lone cars parked: the Impala and Jody's truck. The temptation to steal one and drive away nagged in the back of her brain, but she ignored the call.

Besides, she wouldn't get far, as Castiel acted as the night shift guard.

"You suspect your friends will nab them overnight?" Meg teased the angel.

"They're not my friends," Cas said bluntly. "But, no, I don't believe they will try and take the girls back. They want to be civil about it, so I'll hold them to that."

"And if they don't?"

"The result won't be pretty."

"Will they let you know where and when? Unless angels don't use their radios anymore."

"If they were sensible, they would. It will make things easier than for them to just appear here and demand them."

"So I guess I can't convince you to leave, huh?" Meg put her arms behind her back, standing beside the trench-coated angel.

Cas gave her a side-eye glance. "Why would I want to? They're my friends, I am the reason they're here. I'm...I'm the reason they're being sent back. To not be there when they leave would be shameful."

Meg rolled her eyes. "So you don't feel at all guilty?"

"I do. Just not guilty enough to not be with them. Are you not going to be there for them?"

She shook her head. "No, Clarence, I won't be. Goodbyes aren't my forte, and your friends aren't coming for me, so, really, I have no good reason to be there."

"After all you have been through with them, and you won't be there." Cas shook his head. "I'm disappointed in you, Meg."

"Story of my life." Her eyes cast upward to the dark sky. "I don't need to give the angels a reason to smite me on sight just by the sight of me."

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