My first outing

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Gush my first outing was awesome but there was a mix up somewhere "thinks" yeah...

As early as 7:00 am Dad wanted to surprise me it was on my fifteen birthday "chuckles" I just forgot, it was my birthday date , I was still asleep when a knock came "sighs" I sluggishly got up from my bed to reach the door, near to the door I accidentally stepped on my nightwear which mom left for me before traveling for a seminal "boom" on the floor my sleepy eyes become alert

Dad; Sophia wat's wrong

Me; nothing! "I shouted" I'm okay, good morning dad ...."still in pain ouch!"

Dad; "still wondering what has kept me so Long from opening the door" I'm opening the door right now.

Me; Dad don't! I'm on it "stands up"

I slightly opened the door as nothing happened, I could only see flashes of a torch on my face with fear I closed my door wondering what is happening outside there many voices talking behind the door "scared" ***arrrh!!

"Open the door Darling," Dad said with his sweet voice "smiles".

Again I reached to the door and opened it all I can see was Dad, Frank, Jane, Eran, and Kane.

The greatest surprise ever recorded in the history of my family "lol" my little sister "Jane" was holding a beautiful cake on her palm which was boldly written " SOPHIA IS + 1" short of words I carried her up and the rest of the family came together for a warm hug.

My senior brother "frank" echoed the birthday song and everyone followed suit

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My senior brother "frank" echoed the birthday song and everyone followed suit. I felt on top of the word like a queen it was great.



I quickly took my bath and wore my best clothing which was a "mini black short gown"

My siblings were all sited inside the car waiting for the birthday celebrant to come out, I rushed out and join them.

Dad never told us our destination, he continued driving till he got to a point and stopped the car. " guess what" he took us to Disney studio world "wow" its such a beautiful place to visit.
The building was design with colorful material I can't tell where it was gotten from, magical alike, a flower of different kinds grew all around it was marvelous

Next minute we were asked to come and swim in there oversized pool, it was catchy and tempting and I have been waiting all day long to swim "wears my swimming trunk" everybody was inside the pool already I'm the last man standing , I went for a dive, jumping inside the pool********** "boom" jumps up from the bed ...... It was one of those silly dreams I dreamt always "laughs"

"Soaked in bed" mom woke me up with a glass of water to prepare for school, it was my first day in "WINS GRAM HIGHSCHOOL".

Only heavens can tell how my first day at school would look like .........

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it?

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