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After phyche I felt exhausted, it wasn't fun having a person poke and prod at how your brain handles situation's. To be honest it made me really uncomfortable.

Dad is the one who drove me to my appointments though he never was involved in the sessions.

The drive home was quiet, like not even a word was said. We arrived to the house and I jumped out of the car running upstairs to my room.

It was around seven o'clock, and walking in I saw Jasper sitting on my bed with his head in his hand in his hands.

"Hey Jazz, how was the party?" I greeted sitting on the bed beside him. I reached for his hand but he pulled it away, standing up and going to the corner of the room.

"We can't be together." He blantly stated looking like he was dying as he said this. He wanted to get it over with, he wanted her me safe and he knew if he dragged this out he wouldn't able to keep me safe from him.

"Jazz? What do you mean?" I questioned still in a complete daze over the situation.

"I-I lost control at the party.. I'm a danger to you!" He shouted, getting mad at himself. He knew what he was doing he was distancing himself so he wouldn't hurt me.

"No, no you promised you wouldn't leave again!" I argued back, standing up.

"I'm sorry." He stated, getting ready to leave through the window.

"Why do you keep doing this!? You come, you leave and you promise you won't do it again but you do!" I yelled as my eyes started to fill with tears, and my head started to ache.

"Because I'm dangerous to you!" He yelled out, as my tears spilled over and he looked like if he could he would be crying as well.

"Please stop! It's more dangerous for me to be without you!" I cried into my hands.

"We are leaving forks tommorow." He stated calmly, looking down at his shoes.

"No, no why? Why are you leaving me!?" I shouted out getting up from my place on the bed again.

"I'm leaving you because I love you." He responded, as I reached for his hand again.

"That's a load of shit!" I argued getting mad at his choice of words.

"No it's not, with me here you're just gonna get hurt." Jasper exclaimed perparing to leave once again.

"What about without you here?" I asked through my tears quietly, as I sat down on the bed again. Did he realize what he was doing to me?

"Dont do anything stupid, live your life, start a family be happy." He stated his face betraying his words sitting on the edge of the window.

"I don't want any of that if it isn't with you." I responded looking up at him with red, broken eyes.

"You can't have those things with me, I'm a monster." He exclaimed looking mad, his accent coming out only making me want to cry more.

".. so there's nothing I can do to change this?" I asked through my tears as I curled up on my bed.

"No, everything's already packed." He stated in a low voice, he looked like doing this was killing him from the inside out.

"..I love you." I breathed out through my tears looking up at him.

"I love you too darlin." He responded, looking down at himself as he dropped down from the window.

The second he dropped, my whole body broke into breath taking sobs. He left, he left me when he promised he'd never do that again.

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