Chapter 10

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A/N if you are wondering yes this is a Big Marvel x OC, have a good day

We've got a new custom- oh shit it's Big Marvel. 

"Hello-" He politely said, I shivered. What is up with this guy?

"What do you want?" I replied back, acting tough. But I really didn't want to, this whole's hard. I wish we could start over. Actually, if his existenst didn't exist it would be okay.

"I want to start over with you,"


did he just read my mind?

Well, that escalated quickly.

"Hi my name is Big Marvel but my real name is Huang Miyung-Hoon". 

Okay, this is your chance. You have a chance to get most of the world not to hate you!

I deeply sighed and lightly smiled.

My cheeks instantly started hurting.

"Ok, my name is Min-Yang nice to meet you,"

He stared at me for about 20 seconds with his mouth open but he didn't speak.

He then smiled.

We smiled each other for 5 seco- wait did he just smile?

"Hey," My tongue slipped and suddenly I couldn't stop.

"Hmm?" He replied. He stopped smiling.

"Um, well ummm well this might seem weird but umm well my friends and I are going to a campfire. Do you want to come?" 


This isn't even true, do I even have friends?

my mind is dying.

am I even alive?



wait no.

I'm lost for words.

"Bye." He waved to me and left.

I couldn't move.

Wtf did I just do 

That escalated quickly.

 Haha, what the hell is this? My life is really turning into a cliche huh. 

A 'hot' boy enters an ordinary girl's life and they instantly get along and sooner or later they start dating.


As if we'll start dating


Hm, maybe I could be reborn as chopsticks and then my life wouldn't be so cliche! Ah, this Big Marvel guy is making me turn dumber and dumber every second.  

I turned around and saw Jihoon flirting with Hansol.

Oh, good grief. 

Maybe being reborn as chopsticks weren't such a bad idea huh.

~ After work ~

"Girl what!!" Nara and Areum screamed in unison.

"Guys please come with me. Please " I pleaded. 

"My stupid brain died and I just said that,"

"I'll go I suppose,"


I looked back to Areum.

"Now, how about you?"

"I don't know, I mean Big Marvel it is the almighty Big Marvel! I'm not ready to meet him! Let alone go CAMPING with him! AHHHHHH!~~" Areum screeched.

"Come on!" I pouted.

"Fine, fine. BUT only if Ji-Ji is coming," 

"AH, YES. I'll ask her tomorrow".  

I jumped up and skipped all the way home. 

Areum went on and on about her strange fantasies about Big Marvel.

Nara pretended to throw up multiple times.

Maybe if my stupid HALF brother didn't exist, he wouldn't have influenced me to be such a dumbass. 

Anyways, I gotta get this 'camping trip' sorted out.







I'm dead.

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