Chapter 9

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        A/N very is spelled wrong on purpose

I opened my laptop and searched Big Marvel. The video was uploaded 5 minutes ago. It was titled. 'VERRY IMPORTANT MUST WATCH ' 

Geez. He can't even spell.

"Hello is Big Marvel, today I want to talk about this drama. Let's go!~ Ok, so there are 2 videos about dis girl called Min Yang-" 

How does he know my name?

"-And everyone has been hating her. Don't. She's human. She eats water (A/N God bless this poor child) she drinks food," 


"She is human. Please respect her. Ok bye." 

Ummmm okkkkkkk.


~ Next day ~

*Knock Knock Knock*

"Ji-Ji open the door you are coming to work with me!" 

(A/N that is Jihoon's nickname)

I could hear a window crack open. 


"Because Nara wants to see you! Well, actually I don't know that. But there is a 95% change that there is!"


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