Night-Terrors and a Portal

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April 2018

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April 2018

These are the lastest events I have witnessed.
I have tried getting different types of help but Mey still sees things.
Now I am deeply considering moving again.

Mey has night terrors. Most of them are normal where she wakes up screaming and I just have to tell her she is ok and to go back to sleep.

But for the past two weeks the night terrors are different. She wakes up screaming but by the time I make it to her room she has stopped screaming.
Then she is sitting up in her bed (now the top bunk) blankly staring in the direction of the closet. (It has no doors and is just an open closet.) This happened four times in a row. Each time was the same.
Mey scream very loudly for like two seconds and by the time I get to the room, she is blankly starting at the closet.
Then when I call her name she blinks and gives me an irritated look (like she might have wanted to stay sleeping) and lays back down to sleep.

To be honest, I wasn't much bothered by this until last week when Mey said something shocking on the way home from school.

That conversation:

Mey: Mommy I love our house. It's the best.

Me: Well I'm glad you love our house, I love it too.

Mey: Yeah it's the best, but it's creepy.

Me: What do you mean? Whats creepy about our house?

Mey: The portal.

Me: What portal???

Mey: The portal at the top of the stairs. I told Popo (her grandma) not to open it but she didn't listen.

Me: (trying to make sense of this) what's in the portal?

Mey: Humans. But not like us. Different humans.

This was all said very nonchalantly so you could imagine how bizarre it sounded to me.

After that I remembered her night terrors and how she wasn't staring blankly at her closet, she was staring at the "portal" which is right on the other side of the wall of her closet.

Any (actually helpful) ideas of what I should do? I even got the house blessed by a priest and my husband's friend did his own walk through with sage.

Nothing seems to work and if I have a portal to God knows where in my house, I want to know how long I have to move before something happens.

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