Chapter-43 "leo"

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When I opened my eyes I saw that king was gone.

I rubbed my eyes and stood up. My head felt a bit dizzy so I took out my bottle.

But the bottle was empty, I cursed under my breath.

As I was steadying myself I heard some footsteps and whispers. I quickly hid behind the door.

I have a petit figure so it's easy for me to hide anywhere.

I saw that the queen was walking and her guards were following her.
They were holding someone.

When they got nearer I saw that it was none other than the king.

He was beaten up badly and was looking pale and weak. He could merely stand and the guards were dragging him across the hall.

A small shriek left my lips and the king noticed it.

He looked up and his eyes met with mine for a brief moment.

I was scared that he would tell on me but surprisingly he didn't.

He passed me a small and sad smile and mouthed
"Go away"

I nodded and waited for the queen to go. She was talking to her guards

"How did she got in? It's impossible.
How can you people be so irresponsible. However, if she's here she'll have it. Make sure to catch her as soon as you people can. Don't let that tiny pest get away this time. Edward will take care of Leo. He'll be soon in our captivity. Then I'll show the two of them what I can do "

One of her guards asked her
" Your majesty, what shall we do with him? " pointing towards the king.

" Kill him. "

I was scared to death. They knew I was in the palace. But also on the bright side leo wasn't captured yet which meant that I'll have to find him before they do.

As soon as they left the hall I tiptoed my way towards the basement . I knew it was a stupid and risky idea but I had a strong gut feeling that Leo would be there.

I reached the basement and looked inside. No one was there .

After assuring that the basement was empty I walked in. I whispered
"leo! Are you here?"

No response

"It's me lisa! Are you here leo?"

No response

A stray tear rolled down my cheek as I begin to walk towards the exit

"Lisa? What on earth are you doing here?"


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