Chapter 3 (Her meeting BTS)

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Your POV~~~

I left jungkook, said him bye and came inside my house. I don't know but there is always a strange look in his eyes. I got these thoughts of my mind and started doing my homework. Today again my parents weren't at home for dinner and I felt like crying due to loneliness. But anyways I slept.


The next day I wake up with the sound of my alarm. My eyes were swollen because I was actually crying at night. I went to the washroom, wash myself up and went downstairs and saw my father and mother together. Don't be happy they were together but rather than talking to each other they were busy on their phones. Ughh...

I got my bag and quickly left the house on the verge of crying. I felt relieved as they didn't saw me crying. I reached my class and sat in my seat. I put my earphones on and started listening to music. Suddenly a familiar figure came and sat next. He was again staring at me while I was dozing off in sleep. Well, what could I say, he was Jungkook. I was afraid that he might feel sad if I am rude to him and say not to stare. So I let that slip away.

After the bell rang for lunchtime, all the students started to rush towards the canteen. A smooth but stuttering voice behind me said: "Can you come with me to the table where BTS sit?" I was literally shocked. But he reassured me saying that they just wanted to meet his new friend. I was a little flustered.

Well, Jungkook and I went to the cafeteria. I could hear some bitches saying why is she with my Jungkook? He is mine!

Damn, I hate those voices and I am NOT with Jungkook. I pick my lunch and sat at the table where Jungkook took me. I sat there knowing there were 6 other boys staring me. I hate attention!

Jungkook began the conversation, trying to make the situation less awkward "so guys this is..." He stopped expecting me to answer and I did. I told them my name. Then they introduced themselves: "Hey I am Seokjin. The eldest and most handsome." I have to say he is very handsome. "Hey I am Namjoon or you can call me RM! I am The leader of the group." "Hey I am Min Yoongi or Suga and I am savage" he just slept again after introducing himself. "Hey, I am Hoseok! Your angel your sunshine and your hope." His smile was so bright "Hi! My name is Jimin!" Well, he was cute. "Hellooo! My name is Taehyung but you can call me TaeTae."

I giggled a little at their intros. I felt good and they are not as cold as they seemed to me at first. I laughed with them. Jin would crack some lame joke but I just can't stop laughing at its lameness, not the joke actually. But a thing that worried me was Tae. It was just a different feeling seeing him. He was weird or probably an alien as called be his friends. He thinks of stupid, imaginary things but I liked it. Don't know why??

After the break, Jungkook and I headed back to class but in off-time, at Jungkook's insistence, I decided to walk with BTS to home. Tae was little like Jungkook because when he saw me he always stared though now Jungkook was a bit fine with the entire staring problem. I reached my house after some time. I thanked them, smiled and went inside. What was it? Why am I feeling awkward without any reason???

Taehyung's POV~~~

I don't understand, I felt weird around her. She was indeed beautiful but something else as well. Everyone called me alien and it didn't matter until now. But sounding alien in front of her just embarrassed me.

What is going on???

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