night in the haunted house

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Amy's POV

cold rain soaked my hair the cold wind wasn't helping either I turned around to look at my friends they seem to be thinking the same thing. Everybody was rather excited at least according that nobody wanted to lose this contest. "Hey, Amy you scared?" Sonic teased me "No I'm not at least not as afraid as you are" I teased back "I'm not Afraid of anything" He bragged

I thought about it for a bit then a smile came to my face I knew exactly what to say "Yep not afraid of anything except water" I teased while skipping around him I knew that he was because he freaked out when he fell in a rather deep puddle. He was so funny and cute... just funny.. not cute... I'm over that. I didn't have a crush on Sonic.... at least not anymore.....I think. I growled I was so confused

"Were here!" I heard Midnight cheer jumping up and down happily. How long was I day dreaming? Yes! lets the competition Begin! Blaze said while running inside "Wait! Blaze come back" Silver yelled running after her I may not like Sonic(why do i keep thinking about him I'm over it!) but its quite obvious that Silver likes Blaze except maybe to Blaze..... Maybe she likes him too? I thought before heading inside the Haunted house.

Well here we are I told everybody while rocking back and forth on my feet I wasn't scared not at all (OK maybe I'm a little afraid of ghost so what!, OK maybe a lot) But for some reason I felt safe with Sonic (Uhhh I'm thinking about him again! I said I was over it!) I argued with myself in my head I probably looked crazy when I finally snapperd out of it everyone was gone. I wondered the halls ok i'll say it I was scared.

Right then I heard footsteps I knew something was following me I called out names but got no answer when I saw something move down the hall and enter a door. so I walked down there and reach for the door handle I had my hammer out and put my hand on the door (I probably looked like Luigi from Luigi's manchion that was a creepy game) slowly opened the door and was grabbed I screamed Bright red eyes meet mine then everything went dark......

Cameron's POV

man this was scary I had to ammit. I wondered where everybody went something wasn't right here I could just fell it threw my body. I wanted to go but I didn't want to lose instead I just wanted to find everyone and get out of here. Where was Shadow when I needed him I turned and back up into someone are something I was ready to attack so I kicked it "Ouch Cam!" the thing yelled it turned out to be Kyle. "OMG! Kyle I thought you were a ghost are you crazy!" I yelled even though I've never been happier to see him in my whole live. "You kick hard" Was all he said the comment or insult ignored I began to tell him that something wasn't right here.

Both of us began to run down the hall and found a dead end we were probably both scared. Thats when I noticed the floor was beginning to fall and we had nowhere to go. We fell surely to our deaths I thought this would be it but lucky enough we landed on something soft what was it anyway? We both go up and I couldn't believe it! it was Shadow. We are so sorry I apolicized as he picked himself up "I'm alright" he told me I hugged him I'm not really sure why but something just told me to.

Uh Guys look! I pointed freaking out the walls were moving we were getting closed in and I'm not the best in tight spaces at least since the incident... Ah! gotta stop thinking about that. Shadow must of noticed because he pulled me close to him I really hoped he couldn't see the blush on my face. I knew I couldn't last much longer but I knew I had to stay put. "Chaos Control!" I heard Shadow yell and we all disappeared inside a white light.

Some how we ended up in a different room I didn't care how but I was alive and so were they I pranced and danced around probably looking like an idiot but I didn't care I guess I took it to far because next thing I knew I kissed him right on the cheek I actually kissed his face! Oh man hes probably creeped out now way to go Cam I yelled at myself. I tried to apolicized but I wasn't sure what to say umm... wow this was awkward..... Uhh Shadow i began to say rather shyly I'm really really sorry about that I finished looking down at my feet. "Its alright" I heard him say I felt a lot better now but that didn't last long because a army of ghost was coming strait at us we all took off running as fast as we could go

Sonic's POV

"Ha this is going to be a piece of cake" I cheered while running threw the house little did he know someone or something was watching him. "I wonder if anyone is out yet?" I wondered and ran strait into a wall clearly not paying attention "I hope no one saw that I said to myeself before hearing laughing from a familiar voice.... Knuckles. "Nice crash Sonic" Knuckles laughed enjoying himself. "I meant to do that" I tried to explain to him but was cut off by A scream that was all too familiar....... Amy! I panicked not paying any attention to Knucklehead anymore I sprinted down the hallway I've never been so worried over her before.... It felt wierd then again I've been feeling wierd around her anyways lately but I don't know why. After running for what felt like forever I finally reached the door I'm pretty sure the scream came from.

I opened it without any hesitation but it was pitch black I couldn't see a thing the door slammed shut behind me I tried to pull it open with no luck what so ever. "Muahahaha" I heard a laugh that nearly made me jump out of my shoes. I was scared drop dead terrifed. I turned and what I saw was none other than a red- eyed floating, sharp no wait thats! the monster dove towards me that wasn't just a monster it was Amy!

What will happen next... And what happened to Amy keep reading to find out