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I named her feriha

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Living in a luxury doorman apartment Etiler daughter and her mother, Zehra Feriha excitement surrounded the university exam results. University, her mother's dreams for the future key noktasıyken, Feriha's twins Jack and the nature of primary school, then read the man his father, Reza is a fatalistic, does the same excitement with them. Jack, the twin of one hand in Feriha when feriha got jelouse maggots inside, 'from above' is aware of the gaudy life longing.

Feriha's life, the university is the most important thing other than the target of 'above' is a problematic relationship with his step mother, who sits there with Cansu. Cansu as the Feriha awaiting exam results. Finally comes the big day. College scholarship to an elite private university in the Feriha'nın step taken will put it into a completely different life. Feriha'nın colorful figures of the school's attention while you're shooting a follow-up at the school and social life into a handsome Sarrafoğlu'nun playboyu Emir. Etiler clothes and went to school and sitting on Feriha Cansu'nun seemingly no different from them. Feriha, this artificial similarities, enjoying a sudden visit to his father, his young daughter to school, to establish a world full of lies will lead to life-changing.

Feriha, with a long time to attract the attention of the Emir Emir impose against the sentiments expressed in the Hande'nin passing through the target board, one small lie lies a new pregnant. Lies, chasing each other, a wrong step taken by Feriha'nın pin is pulled explode a bomb in the middle of a small circle becomes a housekeeper.

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