Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

“You killed her and my baby,” were his first softly spoken words, still standing by the doorway, Antonio's gaze said it all.

She had never thought someone capable of such pure white hot anger―but looking at him now, that was all she saw.

And all that anger was centred on her―forever reason he believed that she was to blame for that accident.

And in many ways she had been; but she had had no hand in killing his child―the child was not his to begin with.

Of course she should have realised that Tatiana would have been too selfish to actually tell her future husband the truth―and of course it would all be her fault in the end.

“I didn’t…I…I tried to stop her…but she just w-wouldn’t let me…drive, I tried really, I did. P-please y-you have to b-believe me. It was too…late by the time we saw the…truck and we…could do nothing.”

“You expect me to believe that you had nothing to do with the accident? That it wasn't you behind the wheel? Knowing full well that you had had too much to drink?” he hadn’t as yet raised his voice, but she was sure that he wouldn’t either.

His soft voice sounded as menacing if not more than if he had started shouting at her at the top of his voice.

 Anger she could handle but she wasn’t sure if she could handle Antonio like this. But she wasn’t about to show this man how intimidated she felt by his presence and the accusations he was throwing at her.

But even as fear rose in her, anger did as well―how many times over the years had she been to blame for things that she had never done?

How many times had she had to cover for a sister that had shown no appreciation towards her? And now even in death she was still being blamed for the sins that were not hers.

She only hoped that the police would find evidence of exactly what happened―that they would prove that she wasn't the one who had been behind the wheel.

She had already told her story to them and she was sure Antonio knew that story; so why did he believe that she had been behind the wheel?

Instead he was in her hospital room, accusing her of being behind the wheel. Something just wasn't right, nevertheless she knew there was no point in arguing with a man whose mind was already made up.

In his eyes she was guilty and that was the end of the story.

 She'd though he knew her better than that, clearly she had been mistaken.

“Didn’t you hear me?” he still hadn’t raised his voice at her, but she only had to see the glacial look in his eyes, the pursed lips, his white knuckles as he flexed his hands open and closed.

He despised her―simple as that. The worst of it was that she didn't deserve that cold hatred from him―she had been in the car, sure, but she sure as hell hadn't been behind the wheel.

She wasn't the one who had lost complete control of the car and she couldn’t even make him see that it wasn’t entirely her fault that Tatiana died.

She had tried to stop Tatiana from driving that day…maybe she hadn't tried as much as she should have, but she had tried not to make a scene for his sake!

The paparazzi surrounding the hotel had been so many that she had been afraid of what Tatiana would say in front of them.

Knowing her taste for making wild scenes she had wanted to spare him the embarrassment, however, she had to admit that Tatiana had somewhat cooled down since she had started dating Antonio.

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