Chapter 34- Night Finally Falls!

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Once dinner had been finished, Abbi went back upstairs and put her pyjamas on. She sat down on the beanbag underneath her bed.

[Image description- Abbi sits under her bed on a beanbag

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[Image description- Abbi sits under her bed on a beanbag. This drawing is exceedingly detailed! Abbi sits looking at the screen of her laptop which is placed on her lap. On the wall behind her is a Daisy Duck poster. To her right are four books (Including "Harry Potter" and "WWII"). The steps up to her bed are to the right of the image. On her bed is a purple duvet cover and a Minnie Mouse toy. The image is lit by the light of Abbi's laptop and some fairy light strung up by the bottom of the bed. This amazing art is by RedPixelheart! Isn't is ausome!!!!?????]

Abbi powered on her laptop and opened Wattpad. She was feeling too tired to write, so she began reading. She never realised there were so many wonderful people on Wattpad! She was a little annoyed that she hadn't discovered the before, actually.

She read for about an hour before her mother came in. "Time to get ready for bed now, Abbi." She said.
"Okay." Abbi put her laptop on the desk and stood up.
She brushed her teeth and climbed into her bed. She turned out the lights and settled down. She laid in her bed, contemplating life, because you know, isn't that what everybody does in bed?
She knew that she would be very confused when she woke up, but she needn't worry about that, it was hours away.

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