Mason’s POV

As soon as those words left his mouth, I wanted to scream at his face. He can’t just come here and drop that bomb then expect me to calm down. Its Blondie’s freaking birthday and I don’t have any idea about it. Here I am thinking I know her when in fact I’m just a love sick fool.

 Thousand thoughts run in my mind right now, one of them being, why Blondie didn’t tell me about it? What gift would I get her? Should I even give her a gift? What excuse would I say to buy her a gift? Why didn’t anyone fucking tell me? These thoughts continue to run in my head as I watch Blondie welcome Edward inside.

She hugged him like old friends do. I get that they’re best friends before, but what I don’t get is how Blondie can still act that way even after he cheated on her?

Anger starts to build up inside me as I continued to stare at him. How can someone do such a thing to Blondie? Sure she’s not your typical girl, she’s rude, annoying as hell and violent like a boxer but she’s the sweetest thing once you get to know her. She’s the best actually, and seeing that they’re still friends even after all that’s happened proves that Blondie is the best.

I was hoping for a violent reaction from Alex once he saw Edward. After all, he cheated on his sister. He has hurt his sister. If someone did that to my sister, I would knock his teeth off, no questions asked. But instead of a frown, a glare or something, Alex’s face lit up and welcomed him with open arms.

What the fuck is wrong with these siblings? Nobody is that kind!

The front door opened and in came their parents.

“Edward?” her mom asked, her brows furrowed.

Finally! Someone who’ll react the way they should be, I readied myself and crossed my arms across my chest to watch the show that’s about to happen. I can just imagine it, Blondie’s mom slapping Edward in the face so hard, a tooth fell. Then her Father would throw a punch in the other direction, knocking another tooth off. Then, they would turn to me, encouraging me to punch him in the face for their daughter. Well, who am I to disagree. I would gladly do that.

 I was dragged out of my day dreaming when I felt Blondie’s hand in my arm. I blinked twice to make sure what I’m seeing is just my imagination and in reality, I have successfully knocked the Brit’s teeth off and sent him running back to London. But unfortunately, it’s not.

“This is Mason. Mason, Edward.” Blondie introduced us.

“Hi mate.” He greeted, he offered a hand for me to shake. The nerve of this guy! I just looked at it. I felt a nudge at my side and saw Blondie glaring at me. I rolled my eyes before accepting his hand.

“This is quite a surprise Edward! You should’ve told us you were coming. How did you even know where we live?” her mom asked.

“I wanted it to be a surprise for Chloe’s birthday, wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He said. “I asked Aunt Gemima for your address.”

“Ahh… I see… Chloe, why don’t you help Edward get settled up in your room while I make dinner.” she continued.

Wait what? In her room? Fucking Edward’s staying at Blondie’s room? Don’t they have a spare bedroom or something? Can’t he just sleep on the couch or even the fucking floor? Anywhere but, Blondie’s room. I dreadfully wanted to protest.

“Come on.” She smiled; she intertwined their fingers and helped him with his bags. I quickly followed them, there is no way in hell I’m leaving this house knowing that Blondie’s in a room, alone, with her ex. Lots of things could happen and I don’t want the one my mind’s currently playing.

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