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jngkook: oh man holy shit!

you didn't think twice and immediately ran out of the room, shutting the door with a loud thud.

jungkook on the other hand was blushing madly as he pull his pants up.

how can you forget that he could be there, it's he's freaking room.

You stayed downstairs for half an hour, watching funny kpop videos on your phone, completely forgotting about what the heck just happened.

you subconsciously went to jungkook's room, but you being you, forgot that it's his room and thought it was yours– only because the bed's so comfy.

you opened the door, and didn't mind the darkness of the room because there's a dimmed light coming from the bed, and your phone too. You used your phone to find the bed, and light on the bed helped you.

You laid on the bed still watching the video you were watching a while ago.

Jungkook is also too busy on his phone to notice the door open and close, and his bed shifting like someone laid there, but he just ignored it.

You pulled the blanket that Jungkook is using. Jungkook thought it was only the wind who moved it.

You shifted on your side, facing Jungkook, but you didn't know he is there. Because the blanket is pulled over his head.

Hours passed, it's already passed midnight. jungkook already fell asleep, but you were awake.

bored playing in your phone, you turned it off and tried to sleep.


Unconsciously hugging each other.

Jungkook is only wearing his boxers and a thin white shirt.

You both snuggled on the bed, hugging each others body, face only a few inches away.

Your leg accidentaly brushed on Jungkook's crotch, causing him to groan.

Jungkook's hand went down from your back, to your butt, slightly touching it it. It stopped on it.

Jungkook's top moved upward, causing your hand in the middle of your bodies touch his abs.



holyfuck what am i writing



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