[46: Pills]

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You went out camping with your friends. You sat around the campfire and told each other scary stories and riddles.

Then it was time to go to sleep. You really couldn't fall asleep because you were still scared from the stories. Once you did fall asleep, you haf the weirdest but scariest dream. Maybe you should even call it a nightmare.

You were lost in the forest and saw a cave. You didn't know your way back so you decided to spend the night there.

But you didn't expect to meet a goblin king. He was so lonely as all his subjects had left him 25 years ago. He was willing to set you free only ifnyou solve 1 riddle.

He laid out 3 pills before you; A blue pill, a red pill, and a green pill. One is poisonous.

The goblin king wanted to see if you were smart when he told you these words:

Before you, there lay 3 pills.

One of which is poisoned.

Will you take a risk,

Or will stay like this forever?

That's all he said.

When he said that one line, you knew that you didn't need to do anything.

Which line was the person talking about? And how did it affect his reaction?

:) this is trickyyy eyyy

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