My mother was going to bring her new boyfriend today; she wanted me to meet him. Yeah, my parents divorced when I was ten years old, seven years ago. My dad was kind, shy and he used to let her do what she wanted. My mother was very outgoing; she was always dressed up like a whore and had an affair with our gardener. My dad knew what they were doing but he never spoke until one day, when he returned from work, he found them having sex on his bed.

I wasn't home at that time and when I got back I found them arguing. It was the first time dad said something that my mother didn't like, the first time he spoke to her like he was her husband and of course it was the last.

One month later my dad told her that he wanted a divorce. She was afraid that this would happen, she didn't want to lose the money that dad had from his work and apparently she didn't. She claimed that my dad abandoned us and that's how she didn't lose all the money and she kept having my custody even though I wanted to go with my dad. Well after this, she never let me call her mum in front of others again; she forced me to call her by her name, Julie...

I was waiting for her and her boyfriend to come. I know that you would expect me to say that I've been waiting for her and her companion or something but I can't, 'cause she do have boyfriend not just a companion. You may wonder what I mean. Well, I can explain. She’s always dating young men, she never dated anyone at her age or older since she broke up with dad. She always dated, and still does, young men, young men at the age of twenty two, twenty three, twenty four or something and she is forty five. After my dad left, she dated so many men that I lost the count. She brought them all here, she didn't care that I was there too, that I didn't want to hear them when they had sex.

I couldn't handle that situation anymore so I changed my ways; I became a girl that my mother would never like! Well that's who I am. I started not to care about what she was doing, I started going whatever I want, I started being sarcastic, I started being bad with her boyfriend’s (when she  wanted me to meet them), so she started to avoid bringing them home, and of course I started ignoring her, like she wasn't in that house anymore.

I even changed my appearance. My hair is straight, layered up, and they are dark brown with purple highlights. I love T-shirts and tight skinny jeans or really short shorts. I have lip piercing too, snake bites. I wear makeup and I use eyeliner, mostly black!

At first, three years ago, when I changed my ways, she was very upset about the way I treated her, about the change of my style but she couldn't say anything 'cause she never been my 'mother', she never cared enough for me. She didn't like my hair or the clothes I wore. She didn't like, and she never does, like me. 

I've been waiting for them for hours. Why does she want me to meet him? I don't care about him or anyone else she is dating. I know she is playing the good mother just to impress him but I don't want to meet him!  Is he so important for her to let him meet properly with her daughter? I could hear the keys at the door. Oh God, they are here. When the door opened she came inside. 

"Hey baby." my mother said happily. I hate it when she talks to me like that; I hate it when she talks to me anyway.

"Hey." I replied with an empty voice, without any feeling."Where is your 'boyfriend'?" 

"He is in the car. He'll be there in a minute. Don't worry." she said.

"I don't worry!"  At that time someone opened the door that my mother closed by mistake. A young man, some years older than me, came in. I could tell that he was handsome and sexy. He had emerald-green eyes and full symmetrical lips. He was tall, lean and athletic. He wore green corduroy that showed his strong legs and a white T-shirt that stack to his six-pack abs and made him look so sexy. He was holding some suitcases and his muscles seemed to stretch.  

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