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I woke up with zero energy and started making my way to the shower and turned it on.

I stepped under the hot water, shaved and washed my hair and body. I stepped out and into a dark red, fluffy towel before sitting down to let myself dry.

I dried my hair and curled it before putting the top half in a tiny bun. I got dressed and put my messanger bag over my shoulder.

I grabbed some coffee in a disposable cup and the cupcakes before walking out and seeing Jasper waiting outside of Edwards empty grey Volvo

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I grabbed some coffee in a disposable cup and the cupcakes before walking out and seeing Jasper waiting outside of Edwards empty grey Volvo.

I walked up to him and saw a black box in his hands.

"Happy birthday darlin." He stated as he put the box in my hand.

"You know my birthday is not technically for four days right?" I asked putting my coffee down on my porch, and holding the box in my hands.

"Well I couldn't wait, and neither can anyone else so open up." He exclaimed as I pulled the top off.

I saw a silver charm bracelet with a motorcycle charm, an impala charm and an apple.

"Aww Jazz! I love it!" I yelled before throwing my arms around his shoulders, holding him tightly.

"I'm glad, Alice suggested the apple." He responded his arms pulling me to him, before he helped put the bracelet on my wrist.

We then walked over to the car and put the cupcakes in the back before getting in the front seat.

Our hands were locked over the middle compartment, and his other hand was on the wheel as we pulled into the school.

Stepping out of the car, Alice ran over and jumped into my arms with a box in her own.

"Happy birthday! I already saw you're gonna love it!" She stated, putting the black box in my hands.

I opened the box and saw a big light blue jeans jacket with white fluff on the inside.

"Oh my gosh Alice! I love it! Thank you so much!" I exclaimed pulling her into a hug, before putting the Jean jacket on.

"This is from me and Emmet, happy birthday." Rose stated giving me a bag and big hug.

I opened the bag and saw a dark leather bound journal, I squealed going to hug her and Emmet.

"Thank you! I've been needing a new journal." I stated releasing Emmet and Rose.

"You're welcome." Emmet stated smiling, as the bell rang announcing everyone could enter the school.

The Hale twins and I walked into first period and instantly sat in the back, we were getting assigned reading books today.

The second bell rang and the teacher started to pass out the first senior book to read which was the original 'dracula'.

I looked over to Jasper with the book in my hands.

"Dracula huh? Isn't that ironic." I stated as I wrote my last name on the side of the book.

"I think we can both recite this whole thing just by memory." Rose laughed opening her book to the first page.

"It's astonishing how many things we have memorized." Jasper stated putting his arm around me.

I propped my legs up on an extra chair and turned so my back was facing Jasper, I leaned back into him as we both started reading.

The period was over quickly, we all started to leave the room after we put our books in our bags.

Me and Jasper made our way to lit and film, he was still going on about he knew the whole entire story by heart.

"Do you remember how many times. You've read the book?" I asked right before we enterned the room and sat down.

"At least twenty." He answered while getting comfortable, we were finished the sixth sense today.

I pulled the jeans jacket off, used it as a blanket and leant my head against Jasper's shoulder as he leaned his head on my own.

I had never seen the movie before and was flipping the heck out at the ending, it was amazing and when the bell rang I was still flipping out.

Jasper walked me to Algebra, before leaving for pre-calc. I walked into the room and made my way next to Emmet.

"So what hell does this class have in store for us today?" I asked sitting into the seat next to him.

"Factoring but we are just going over it, so it will be easy." He stated looking bored to all hell, I mean he has learned this all at least six times.

"Easy for you to say I'm shit in this class and you've been through it like six times." I responded before starting on the review packet.

The period was over and I got out of my seat to turn in my packet, I had my bag over my shoulder and the jacket in my hands as we walked into the cafeteria.

I sat my bag down on the table, put the jacket on and went to grab me food. I got my usual, a blueberry bagle and apple juice before sitting down next to Rose and Jazz.

"I'm really sorry again that I can't make it." I stated, looking up at Alice with guilt stown across my face.

"No really it's fine, as long as you got the food it's good!" Alice responded shrugging her shoulders, leaning back into Danny.

"You are amazing." I exclaimed feeling Jasper, laugh at my exesperation.

"I swear I am not ready for psych today." I groaned laying my head into Jasper's forearm that was rested on the table.

"Want me to come over after the party?" Jasper asked, his free hand coming up to run itself through my hair.

"I would love that, thank you." I responded, as my arms came around his waist in a hug.

"No problem ma'am." He stated as I finished my bagle.

The rest of lunch was spent with Alice talking about how the party would go and Rose complaining about Bella.

The bell rang anouncing we could all go home, the family and I exited the school and went to the cars.

"Happy birthday again Clove!" Emmet shouted getting into the drivers seat of his Jeep.

Jasper and I got into Edwards Volvo, and headed to my house for him to drop me off.

"Happy birthday darlin." He stated, grabbing my chin to pull my lips to his.

"Thank you Jazz, you made it wonderful." I responded after breaking the kiss, our faces only a few inches apart.

"So you are coming over later?" I questioned stepping out of the car.

"Yes ma'am, I'll see you then." He stated smiling, pulling away from my house.

With him gone that meant I had to get ready for psych, yay.

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