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"I'm going to sleep for a week

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"I'm going to sleep for a week. Then, I'll wake up and Sean and Smith aren't evil bastards who tried to kill us." I fell onto the soft, king-sized bed in our room.

I couldn't wrap my tired, aching brain around how the underground could allow for such huge rooms. How did Adams get this place made?

Straight ahead, a cracked open door allowed me a glimpse into a little room filled with blue and green tile. A TV was mounted on the wall to the left of the bathroom door, then a long, orange suede couch lined the wall to my left along with a small oak desk and a matching oak dresser.

The main door clicked shut and I heard the dead bolt engage. I scrubbed my face with my hands and looked down at the bandage on my forearm.

I sank into the soft blue and orange colored comforter. I was perfectly comfortable on my back, legs hanging over the edge of the bed and my hands resting on my full stomach.

Holy voltage this felt like the never-ending day.

"We should check your shoulder," Tom said as he strode toward the bathroom door.

"Let's not and say we did."

Tom laughed. I heard another door click and looked up. He'd gone into the bathroom. He leaned over the sink washing his hands. Even from the back he was sexy. Long, thick legs. Sure, they were hidden behind black fatigue pants, but they were snug in all the right places, so I let my imagination wander.

His sculpted back pressed the fabric of his thin, gray shirt tight, creasing the fabric across the shoulder blades. He reached to his right and snagged the towel to dry his hands. He grabbed a handful of gauze and that wicked brown bottle of peroxide.

The thought of the stinging pain that little brown bottle promised dampened the fire that started to build while watching Tom.

I sank back into the soft comforter. Sometimes being a Light Chaser Agent really sucked. Sure, I got access to some pretty cool toys, but the getting stabbed multiple times part-not so much fun.

Better me get stabbed than the Melace, though.

"Okay, sit up." Tom's voice sounded like a gentle whisper.

I know I should act more Patronus-like, but what I really wanted to do was throw a tantrum. Full out stomping my feet, then thrashing around on the floor tantrum. I was so mad at Sean. So mad for getting stabbed. So mad for some demon trying to hurt little Gregory. So-

"Come on." Tom grabbed my hand and tugged me upright.

I begrudgingly sat up and was met with soft, warm lips. Okay, that I liked. My hands found their way to his face, and I leaned closer. "This is much better than the burning peroxide."

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