Chapter Twenty-One

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“Shut up.” He groans, leaning back and making me laugh.

“I’m tired.”

“Go to sleep.” He smiles, kissing my forehead. I lean my head against his back and try just that.

“GET OUT!” Someone screams. What is with people? I look up to see my mom pissed, looking at my twin sister. Her hands were on her hips.

“Fine. But you’ll miss me.” She smirks and disappears out of my life yet again. I had tons of questions to ask her but they wouldn’t get answered. Because I had fallen asleep. I slapped Louis in the shoulder extremely hard. It was his entire fault!

“Ow!” Lou screams while jumping off my lap and giving me a death glare.

“Don’t fight.” Mom gives me a look before walking off, leaving me alone with Harry, Gemma and the rest of One Direction.

“I guess our date needs to wait for another day.” I turn to Niall and he shakes his head.

“Let’s go.” He smiles, pulling me outside. “We’re going to ride double.”

“Oh fun!” I laugh sarcastically. “Elway time!”

Niall looks at me with wide eyes before answering. “That’s the only one who rides double?”

“Yep.” I wink and go off to get the pony. I slide the bit into his mouth and secure the throat latch, jumping on him bareback. I lean down to look at Niall, who’s flipping out. “Come on, he isn’t going to hurt you.”

“Fine.” Niall grumbles and I help him up. Elway starts going before I tell him but it’s fine, I usually have to kick him multiple times to get him going.

“Where are we going?” I ask, looking at the boy.

“Creek.” He smiles, taking the reins and leading the rest of the way. I just sat there, letting Niall lead. When we got there, we let Elway eat grass and Niall went off somewhere. He pulls his guitar out of some bushes and I smile.

“Under the lights tonight
You turned around, and you stole my heart
With just one look, when I saw your face
I fell in love
It took a minute girl to steal my heart tonight (eh eh eh eh)
With just one look, yeah (eh eh eh eh)
Been waiting for a girl like you”

“Circles, we’re going in circles
Dizzy’s all it makes us
We know where it takes us
We've been before
Closer, maybe looking closer
There's more to discover
Find out what went wrong without blaming each other”

“Tell me I'm a screwed up mess
That I never listen, listen
Tell me you don't want my kiss
That you need your distance, distance
Tell me anything but don't you say he’s what you're missing, baby”

“There is no other place that I would rather be
Than right here with you tonight
As we lay on the ground I put my arms around you
And we can stay here tonight
Cause there's so much that I wanna say, I wanna say”

“Well you're the charming type
That little twinkle in your eye
Gets me every time.
And well there must've been a time
I was a reason for that smile
So keep in mind”

“Or else we'll play, play, play all the same old games
And we wait, wait, wait for the end to change
And we take, take, take it for granted that we’ll be the same
But we're making all the same mistakes
Wake up, we both need to wake up
Maybe if we face up to this
We can make it through this
Closer, maybe we'll be closer
Stronger than we were before, yeah
Make this something more, yeah”
Niall sings bits of all the songs I like.

“Niall!” I smile, hugging him tight. The guitar gets in the way, making us both laugh.

“I love you.” He sighs, kissing my forehead.

“I love you too.” I laugh, poking his cheek when he blows them up nervously.

“Be my girlfriend again. Official, tell everyone in the world, girlfriend.” Niall rambles.

“Okay.” I laugh but Niall ignores me.

“If you do, I’ll tell the whole universe. I’ll shout it to random people.” He keeps rambling.

“Niall Horan!” I shout, grabbing his shoulders. He runs his attention to me finally and I laugh. “I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“WOOT!” He screams, throwing the guitar on the ground carefully and picking me up. He spins me and we both fall on the ground, laughing hard.

“Now we get to tell everyone.” I smile and Niall laughs.




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