Chapter Twenty-One

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Twin Direction

Chapter Twenty-One


-Oh dear! I opened my laptop and unlocked it and looked at my background and I was like “Oh, those are the boys I’m addicted to…” becuz my background is the shoot that they made funny faces (: I’m different…-

-Katrina xD The whole first part is what I was talking about with you when I was holding my nose and going "KELSEY!!" xD


“Kelsey!” Someone squeals, making me cover my ears quickly. I turn around to face the world’s biggest bitch.

“Holla!” I squeal, mimicking her annoying ass voice.

“I’ve missed you so much!” She says happily, hopping up and down. When someone squeezes there nose and makes their voice nasally, that’s how she sounds at the moment.

“Kill me now.” I shout to no one in particular, rubbing my temples and falling back onto the couch.

“Why sweetie?” She asks, sitting next to me. I shout, jumping up and screaming.

“RAPE, RAPE, RAPE! RAPE, RAPE, RAPE!” I scream at the top of my lungs. I’m bouncing up and down on the couch cushions, making her bounce. She thinks it’s funny. This makes Louis and Niall run downstairs. I’m still screaming and the rest of the boys follow. Mom, Xavier and Lucas are the last to come downstairs.

“Holla.” Niall gasps and I look at them, starting to scream again.

“MOTHER FUCKING RAPE, RAPE, RAPE! MOTHER FUCKING RAPE!” I yell, jumping up and down still. I get thrown over Liam’s shoulder in an attempt to make me shut up. But it doesn’t work so well.

“SHE’S GONNA RAPE ME!” I pound on Liam’s back, making him laugh. “How is this funny?”

“What do you want, Holla?” Mom asks, hands on her hips.

“I’m coming home, duh!” The girl laughs. I remember when we were little; we used to be best friends. What happened? She’s not the Holla I used to be jealous of. She’s the Holla that is jealous of me. Did I used to act like her? I doubt it.

“Why’d you do that to your sister?” Lucas scoffs and I sit on the couch with Louis sitting on top of me. Liam decided this was my punishment for being loud. Yay…

“It wasn’t nice.” Niall pipes up and I roll my eyes. That’s the best you got Nialler?

“How was it not nice? Everyone knows that she dated an Irish boy now!” Holla squeals and I give Louis a look. I can’t even cover my ears because he’s sitting on them.

“If you call the police now she’ll go to jail for murder.” I whisper to Lou and he turns his head to me, raising an eyebrow.

“How so?”

“Because your weight is killing me!” I whisper/shout at him. He smiles wickedly and turns his attention to everyone else. Rude.

“I’M HUNGRY!” Niall shouts, falling back onto the couch exhausted. Weirdo much, Horan?

“So, let’s get this straight. Um, you think that giving pictures to news people is er, helpful to your sister.” Harry says and Louis and I laugh. He was nervous, poor Harry! He was talking slow again.

“Umm, err, ya.” Holla imitates Harry and Louis’ eyes go wide.

“Boo bear, she imitated your boyfriend.” I tease and Louis gives me a weird look. I smile and he rolls his eyes, mad at me. Maybe now he’ll get off of me! Ha, I love to dream. He probably enjoys it.

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