Me in Ooo?!?!

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It was a normal day for me i was sitting in my house watching the new adventure time episode "finn are you with me or against?" "ag-" jake pushed finn off him back i was laughing hard my brother chase was upstairs playing red dead redmeption undead nightmare "i wonder what the next episode is?"i asked myself.I heard mine or my brothers phone i looked next to me it was my phone "hello?" my brother came down"wait what?!" "who are you talking to"he asked "it's cartoon network" he looked at me like i was stupid "awsome i'll be there"  "what'd they say"he asked."they want me to be on a adventure time episode"i left and took my friends with me AngelOfLight and zoey "yes thanks for taking us with you mckenna!"zoey yelled "no prob i wouldn't want to leave you guys behind".we started to get in the car"you ready guys" "yep!"they said as we drove off i turned on the new episode on my iphone we all watched it on a big screen in the limo  "did you guys see goliad?"i asked they were still watching the episode laughing when jake pushed finn off of him for saying against"yeah we saw goliad"Angel responded.Zoey was laughing and crying at the same time well her eyes were watering "smow zoey this is the first time you've laughed that hard" Angel chuckled i put my brown hair up with an azure hair tie.We got to the studio got out of the limo and jeremy shada came running out "hey so you are mckenna sees" i looked at him "the one and only" i said"ok then follow me"Angel and zoey followed.We saw the recording studio "here take this mckenna"jeremy handed me a pill "a pill?i don't take medication" zoey chuckled i shurgged and took the pill passing out when i woke up i was in a meadow "ouch what the fluff happend to me?"i could hear someone crying .I ran to the sound "o glob" it was finn sitting next to a ledge crying "f-finn are you ok?" he spun around "who are you" he said unstheaing his sword only to fall on the ground "mckenna..are you ok finn" "no jake he's..." i looked over the cliff covering my mouth "see" i turned to him "glob i'm sorry finn he was your brother" "h-how'd you know know that" he said i blushed a little "just a guess"i hugged him."i'm sorry he's gone finn" "thanks mckenna" i let go of him he was blushing deep "no need for the thanks finn i would do it for anybody" he laughed neverously it was getting dark and cold "good thing i have my grey jack-aww cmon"i said my grey jacket wasn't there finn went into his backpack and pulled out a blue blanket"h-here you can use this" "thanks finn".I wrapped it around myself he seemed shy"lets go back to my treehouse" "ok finn". "soo are you human or fish person" "i'm...prince gumball?!?!"i stood there with my mouth gaped "he looked over at me and finn "oh hey finn and some human girl"he said. "o hey PG it's ok mckenna thats my friend gumball" i was shocked "i-i know who he is he's the ruler of candy kingdom"."well you can tell by my name and how i look"he said "yep thats exactly why i know you" he laughed blushed then left "so yea are you human..."i smiled "who said i wasn't finn" we walked in the treehouse "thanks for letting me stay here finn" "no prob"he took off his hat reavaling his blonde hair "cute..."i said "whats cute dude i mean mckenn-" "no it's fine to call me dude i don't mind"i cut him off "nothing finn" "ok well i'm going to sleep join me when you want to" i layed back on the couch "o ok" i closed my eyes an fell asleep.When i woke up finn was standing over me "hehe morning"he said smileing "hey whats up" "cmon we are going somewhere" i blushed "umm ok" he threw a sword at me and an extra pack i threw his sword back to him "you can use it finn i have my own"i went into my pocket and pulled out a blue crystal that turned into a sword "awsome weapon lets go".We walked out there for an entire hour "hey isn't that the ice queen finn" he looked at me pulling out binoculars "that is her how did you know that" "help me someone!" gumball screamed "dude thats gumball and how i know isn't important".

finn's pov

We were running to the ice castle but there was two "over there that one finn"mckenna grabbed my arm"h-how'd you-" "it's not improtant dude"she hissed we ran into the castle sure enough it was the right one."finn human girl help!" "finn you handle gumball and i'll get the ice queen" "you don't have that kind of experi-" she was kicking the ice queen's butt "wow..." gumball said "no wonder why you like her finn"i stuck my sword in the lock and opened the jail "no i don't maybe just a little though" he looked at me and smiled "dude she looks messed up".Mckenna slumped to the ground i ran over to her "she's freezing" "you mean hypothremic" i glared at PG "don't die..." i got her back to the house laying her on my bed wrapped up in blankets i got a letter well invitation "finn what the fluff is that"i turned around to see mckenna standing behind me "an invitation to a party in our honor for saving PG tonight if your feeling better" "o yea i'm fine lets go" "ok let me get my tux on" i said she just looked at me"it's a formal party" "ok i'll get my dress on".After getting our stuff on "wow....."i said looking at my friend "something wrong" "no lets just go" we were walking "i wish jake was here this would be faster"she hugged me tight "finn don't think about it" "thanks dude"it still felt weird calling her dude "is it umcomfortable calling me dude?if it is you can call me kenna my nickname where i come from atleast".I smiled "oof!"i said falling from something hitting my back eventually makeing my nose bleed "ice queen!" "shut it tomboy i'm here for finn not your precious gumball who you love so much" i heard ice queen say "shut it shut it SHUT UP YOU OLD BAG!" kenna was beating up the ice queen "o glob finn you ok?" "yea just alittle bleeding" she pulled out a napkin and started wiping off the blood"so do you like like gumball?" "yea please don't tell him" "o-ok"i was heart broken we got to the party kenna went to talk to gumball i sat on the bench in the gradens picking petals off of flowers "she loves me she loves me not"i said plucking the last petal "hey finn the party is in side i don't want you to get a cold" PB said sitting next to me "i'm fine out here princess" "ok but some human girl is looking for you-" i jumped up "lets go find her then" i said my heart was racing "finn you didn't let me finish" "ok what" "she seemed sad" i ran to where she was "you in there?" "yes just leave me alone"i walked in anyway "are yuo going to tell me you hate me too" "How could i hate you i actually...well"i kissed her when PB charged in "gaurds grab the human girl she'll be executed tomorrow"i sat next to mckenna mouth gaped "no no princess don't do this" "i will take her to the dungeons"  "but i haven't done anything wrong" "i don't care!" "wow i never thought it would like this i'm only 14"i turned to the door and walk out "i'll see you tomorrow morning just keep resitsing" i knew pb would do something like that i sat in my bed staring up at the wall i hate it when i can't do anything "maybe gumball can!"i shouted sitting straight up the falling asleep "finn wake up don't leave me hanging" i woke up with a girl standing over me brown hair in a blue shirt "morning sleepy head"she laughed "o my glob your alive!" "i was barely breathing till marshall you said" "yeah" "rescued me he's a radical bro i mean vampire"

~FLASHBACK~ my pov

" princess please rethink this" gumball pleaded "gumball it's ok live on with out me"i said softly "no she has to come to anyway i think i may like like you" i blushed slightly there was a chair under me suddenly kicked "ah ah!"i screamed trying to get air marshall came out of nowhere he picked me up so i could get breath "gob thank you" "don't thank me yet"he cut the rope that was trying to constrict me "that helps me more thank you can you drop me down by prince" he did and then we all walked home


back to finn's pov

"thats was right dude"marshall said in the shadows kenna laughed "nice one marshall"she said in beteewn laughs soon enough she was on the ground laughing i looked up at marshall who was floating over me looking around the room we laughed nervously marshall was backing out of the room.

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