Chapter 30: In Sickness and in Hell

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3:47 AM

"Twenty-one. Twenty-two."

With trembling fingers, Tamesis parted her girlfriend's pale lips. Devon's jaw was clenched, her teeth stained pink from having bitten her own tongue. With some effort, Tamesis managed to push the pill between Devon's cheek and teeth, where it would dissolve and be absorbed into her bloodstream.

Frightened, Tamesis watched her precious girlfriend convulse on the bed. She kept counting out loud as she waited for the pill to do its thing. Devon had seizures every now and then, but it still scared her every single time. This episode, however, was unlike anything she had witnessed before.


Devon fell silent, but almost immediately tensed up again.

Oh, God, let her breathe! Let it stop already!

Distressed, she forgot to restart her counting for the third seizure. When another clonic-phase ravaged Devon, Tamesis looked at her phone and suppressed the urge to call for an ambulance right away.

Give the pills time and count, damn it!

"Three... Four..." Her voice trembled, but the counting helped keep her somewhat calm.

Tamesis paced through the room and finally turned on the lights.


To her horror, Devon's lips were turning blue, the bags under her eyes darkening. Her raven hair was a great contrast to her deathly pale skin and if it wasn't for her jerking limbs, one could have mistaken her for a corpse.

Tamesis entered the three numbers and called for an ambulance.

Hang on, dear. Please, hang on!


Tamesis slumped down in the chair in the waiting room. The hospital staff had taken Devon away just moments ago. They wanted to check her for both brain damage due to lack of oxygen and possible injury due to her having hit her head multiple times on the bed's headboard.

It troubled her that Devon never regained consciousness. By the time the ambulance had arrived Devon had managed to take a few breaths, but she had still been seizing despite the rescue meds. The professionals and their stronger drugs finally got her convulsing body to still and had immediately supplied her with much needed oxygen. When they entered the hospital, some colour had returned to Devon's cheeks—but she still hadn't woken up.

Tamesis rubbed her left thumb while her gaze was fixed on nothing in particular.

If she's in a coma, I'll just go in and drag her back. I've done it before—I'm certain I can do it again.

She bit her lip and fought the tears that threatened to spill.

She'd been on the verge of death then. This was just a seizure. This can't possibly be worse. She'll wake up.

She stood up and got a cup of water from the nearby water dispenser. She sat back down, but didn't drink; she just held the cool cup between her hands, staring at the trembling fluid.

You're shaking, her mind stated.

The corner of Tamesis' mouth jerked up for a moment. She suppressed a nervous chuckle and emptied the cup.

Refill or throw away?

She decided on the later and got out her phone. Seeing the background picture of them together caused her chest to constrict, and she quickly opened the menu.

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