Chapter 30: In Sickness and in Hell

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Tamesis tried her best to stay awake, to watch Devon like she had asked her, but it was past three in the middle of the night and sleep tugged at her mind. She was just starting to drift away when the sound of frantic scratching at the door brought her back to the waking world. She glanced at Devon before standing up to check on Dr. Mew.

The cat slipped between Tamesis legs and jumped onto the bed. Tamesis cursed under her breath and ran after the cat, afraid she would wake Devon and end whatever she had planned. Dr. Mew meowed loudly and bumped her head against Devon's face.

Tamesis carefully wrapped her arms around the cat's body and noticed Devon was frowning a little.

"Mooow," Dr. Mew stated solemnly as Tamesis lifted her up.

"You better not have woken—"

There was a sudden scream. Dr. Mew panicked and clawed her way out of Tamesis' arms. Startled herself, it took Tamesis a few seconds to realise the scream had come from Devon.

She lay on the bed, face scrunched up, limbs stiff, chest rigid.


Tamesis paled, but she automatically started to count.

"One... Two... Three..."

As the numbers increased, the tension in her gut rose with it. She sat down on the bed, fingers gently gliding through Devon's hair.

"Thirteen. Fourteen."

Devon relaxed, but only momentarily. Her limbs started to flail as her muscles contracted every few seconds. Tamesis had to evade a slap to the face, only to get a knee to her side.

"Two... Three... Four..."

She removed the blankets before Devon could get herself stuck in them. Next, she moved the nightstands away, fearing a lamp would get knocked off or Devon would hurt herself if she were to fall. All the while, she counted. The way Devon was jerking across the bed, she hit her head several times against the barred headboard. Despite being told not to move a person mid-seizure, Tamesis took hold of Devon's ankles and the moment she kicked, Tamesis pulled, moving her a bit further away from the metal bars.

"Twenty-nine. Thirty."

Devon was still thrashing. Tamesis rushed to the bathroom and got the emergency rescue medication. The pill was supposed to end the seizure. She returned to Devon's side.


She was still going, the spasms in her chest disabling her ability to breathe.


Devon relaxed. Relieved, Tamesis saw her chest move as she drew in a much needed breath. But just as she was about to exhale again, Devon tensed up.

Tamesis' eyes widened and her lips moved on their own accord as they whispered, "One... Two..."

After twelve seconds, Devon started to trash again. With tears in her eyes, Tamesis counted up from one again. With the pill still in hand, she reached for her phone to check the time.

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