Chapter 24: Façade

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"Ehm... Sis," Tamesis started, eyeing Devon anxiously. "Now's not really a good—"

"Please, Sisi..." Callista was nearly sobbing on the other end of the line. "I had a big fight with Samuel and—" Her voice broke and she sniffed. "I-I just don't want to be alone right now."

"What?" Tamesis couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Fight? About what?"

"I don't want to talk about it over the phone. Please, can you two come? I'll order pizza."

Tamesis looked at Devon, who had been listening in on the call. Devon sighed heavily, shrugged, and motioned for her to accept.

"Alright. Just, eh, give us a little time to clean stuff up here and we'll head right over, okay?"

"Thanks, Sisi," Callista replied, sounding clearly relieved.

Tamesis ended the call and stared at the unread messages her sister had sent earlier. "Do you think she'll be okay?" She looked up at Devon.

"She'll be okay. Once she dumps his ass."

A crooked grin tugged at Tamesis' lips as she agreed but didn't dare say so. After adjusting her glasses, she opened the chat with her sister and paled.

12:39 pm - Hey, how's it going? Did you two make up yet?
1:52 pm - Hey, Sisi, everything alright?
2:21 pm - I'm starting to get worried, please answer me. I'd call you, but I don't want to ruin you two making up, if that's what you're doing.
3:10 pm - Well, fuck... Guess who just called me and practically tore my bloody eardrums? Seems you're not the only one having some relationship issues.
4:18 pm - ... I jinxed myself, didn't I? By saying what I said on the phone... Sam is so mad at me right now :(
4:57 pm - Okay... Sisi, I need your help :( Please, can you respond? Sam came home like 15 minutes ago and we had a big argument. He just stormed out the front door, didn't take the car though.

Devon and Tamesis exchanged glances.

"I take it you told her about us?" Devon asked softly.

Tamesis nodded, her cheeks burning up. "She told me to go make up." She stuffed her phone away. "Seems to me she needs to practise what she preaches, though."

"As much as I like your sister, can I just say her timing is awful?" Devon pulled Tamesis close, snuggling into her azure locks.

"I don't know why I said we'd come. I just want to hold you, have you all for myself, play games or something," Tamesis replied. She sighed heavily. "She really has a crappy taste when it comes to men."

"Too bad she doesn't go after women. Do you remember Selena, from my swim team? She had the biggest crush on Callista." Devon swiped her hair back over her head and chuckled. "Man I haven't seen her in years. Wonder what she's been up to."

Tamesis frowned. "You mean Sirena?"

"Oh." Devon flushed. "Damn it, I always mess up her name. Used to piss her off so much."

"There was a girl in the castle dream who looked like her," Tamesis remarked.

"Really? Now you mention it..." Devon absent-mindedly cracked her knuckles. "There was a girl who reminded me of her in the prison. Though, funnily enough, she had a nametag that read Selena. She helped me escape."

"Strange." Tamesis rubbed her thumb. "Well, considering she had her own name wrong, I guess she was created by your mind."

"I hope so, for her sake."

They sighed in unison and hugged.

"I'm glad I have you," Tamesis whispered as she ran her fingers along Devon's shaven temples. "If only my sister could get as lucky. You'd think she'd alter her standards after Mister Wrong number five, but nope. And now we get to come over there and share comfort food with her."

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