Chapter 23: Pistols at Dawn

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Come on, you can do it!

When Tamesis opened her eyes, she was on a cold beach at night, the freezing water threatening to pull her in deep and drown her

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When Tamesis opened her eyes, she was on a cold beach at night, the freezing water threatening to pull her in deep and drown her. She scrambled to her feet and across the sand. She looked around, but Devon was nowhere to be found.

Oh, yeah... That's right. Tamesis' shoulders slumped. We had a fight... I fell asleep, crying. She stared at the beach, sorrow filling her core. A lonely beach for a lonely soul.

A military compound nearby suddenly shone a spotlight on her. A voice crackled over the sound system:


Shit! Is it Elymas? It didn't sound like him... She grabbed her left thumb and started rubbing it. Why can't I just enjoy some peace and quiet? I'm tired of all these fucking nightmares!


"My business is my own! Fuck off and leave me be!" Tamesis started walking along the shore, her boots sinking into the wet sand. I just want some time alone with my own thoughts for a change.

"LET ME REPEAT MYSELF—" the voice boomed over the intercom, but it cut out and the front doors of the compound opened. Devon, in full heavy combat armor and surrounded by fellow soldiers with raised rifles and augmented bodies, stepped out in a murder march.

"What are you—" Devon jutted a gloved finger at Tamesis. "—doing here?"

Devon herself was as pieced together as her subordinates. Her green eyes were mechanical and glowed an eerie neon. The armor appeared a part of her skin: black plating with dark runes up and down her pale skin that appeared to be cut out rather than tattoed on. Her long sniper rifle hung off her back, larger than any human should have been able to casually carry, let alone wield.

Tamesis' eyes widened in shock. Is that Devon? Is that really her or am I just making up a nightmare because of the fight we had? She tried to tune in to her heart's compass, but it felt off, disorientated by her inner turmoil.

Devon's soldiers all lined up, guns aimed at Tamesis. "Answer me!"

Tamesis straightened herself, anger winning over her sadness. "No! You're the one who came into my dream. I just want to be left alone because of how you hurt ME!"

Devon scoffed and looked around at her soldiers, her hands gesturing towards Tamesis in a "can you believe this bullshit?" motion.

"Hurt you? When you woke me up? You know I hate that. You scared the shit out of me!"

Blood rushed to Tamesis face as rage boiled within. "Is that all you can think about?" she hissed through gritted teeth. The pain of my wrist fades to what you're making me feel inside! She wanted to shout so many things to her, but her jaw clenched and refused to let anymore words through.

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