Chapter 6: Wicked Witch

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Tamesis unlocked the front door and picked up the two heavy shopping bags. She closed the door behind her using her foot, and quickly made her way into the kitchen. Before unpacking everything, she peered into the livingroom.

No Devon. She must be taking a nap.

She put away all the groceries and looked at the time. It was already nearing seven and her stomach complained.

Ugh, spent too much time chatting at the supermarket with grandma.

She stashed the bags into a cabinet and smiled as she thought about the day.

It's been so long since I had a good day's out with D. Too bad we didn't get to fly a kite—maybe tomorrow? And it was nice to catch up a bit with sis.

She made her way to the bedroom.

They both always help me forget the bad dreams.

Her fingers instinctively reached to where the sugilite bracelet was supposed to be, and she flinched when she found only bare skin.

She sulked for a moment, but quickly tried to be more cheerful as she wanted to wake up Devon in order to have dinner together. Using the dimmer, she made sure the light in the room increased gradually—she didn't want the sudden brightness to harm her girlfriend.

Her eyes widened.

Devon laid splayed on the bed, small spasms causing her arms and legs to occasionally twitch.


She hurried towards her and carefully turned Devon over onto her back.

She seized...

Her attention was drawn to the rapid movement behind Devon's eyelids. Gently, she took her face between her hands and caressed her cheeks, but she didn't wake. Trying to rouse her, she ran her hand through her cropped raven hair. Devon didn't respond; only her eyes kept moving.

She's dreaming... Shit.

Tamesis straightened and rubbed her left thumb. She knew Devon always ended up in a nightmare after a seizure.

I need to get in there and ensure she's alright.

But she was wide awake and hungry. She bit her lip as her thoughts went to Devon's medical supply.

It's wrong and possibly dangerous, but... She bit her lip as she watched the small muscle contractions in Devon's arms and legs. I need to make sure she's alright. She would do the same for me.

She hurried into the bathroom and searched for Devon's emergency pain pills. She had taken them in the past herself—albeit a much lower dose—but she was certain she could handle it. She hesitated about taking one or two, and then decided on the latter. Her face contorted in disgust as she let the little mint-coloured pills dissolve underneath her tongue.

If my colleagues knew I was doing this...

As the pills slowly disintegrated and her body absorbed their chemicals, she relieved herself on the toilet. The drugs were going to claim her for multiple hours and she wanted to ensure her bladder wouldn't be filled to the brim by the time she would wake up.

It only took a few minutes for the drowsiness to kick in and a sense of calm to wash over her. She stumbled into the bedroom and lay down next to Devon, who was still twitching and jerking occasionally.

She took her hand in hers and gave it a gentle squeeze. I'm coming, D.


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