Chapter 2: Desecration

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Friday nights brought in the best money for Devon's webcam shows. Men, sometimes women, would get home from work and for whatever reason they had, whether entertainment or loneliness, would want the company of a beautiful, charming person such as herself.

It also meant Devon set her own hours and didn't have to leave the house.

While Tamesis finished up her shower, Devon searched through her wigs and outfits for a persona to play. Blonde for Lexi? Brown for Sophia? Red for Nikki?

She let out a heavy sigh and fell back on the bed. She was too tired to shower, shave, do her nails, her make-up, her hair. Instead she settled on experimenting with a new persona: Valkyrie.

Black heeled boots. Black fishnet bodysuit. Electrical tape Xs over her chest. Black leather corset? Yes, yes corset. She licked her dry, cracked lips and pulled on a half-faced hooded balaclava. Her eyes just needed some heavy eyeliner and shadow.

There, already done and Tamesis was still brushing her teeth.

No wig tonight. Devon blocked the web address for anyone within a hundred kilometers of her, and anyone she knew further away already knew what she did for work. Not like her family spoke to her anymore since she was discharged and moved in with her girlfriend, so she cared little for what they would have to say anyway.

Devon booted up the program. She took a picture of her holding a leather belt in front of her glaring, dark eyes, then announced her show would start in ten minutes. She added, "You all should be on your very, very best behavior for me. Or else. ;) "

The messages started pouring in to her chat. Mostly variations of "hey bb" or demands for free attention. One in particular, from a man who wouldn't show his face, caught her eye:

"Mistress! What if we've been very bad?"

Devon waggled her finger at the screen. Stretched her leg high and slid her hand down the skin. She typed in, "I'd tell you to lick my boots but you'd just make them dirty, wouldn't you?"

The door to the bathroom closed and she heard Tamesis humming. She was probably braiding her long, blue hair too, like she always did before bed.

"Babe?" called Devon from the office. "I'll come tuck you in, but don't freak out, okay? It's just me."

Her heels clicked against the wood floor as she crossed the hall. She leaned against the doorframe, posed, and winked.

The hairbrush slipped out of Tamesis' hand and her jaw dropped. Devon held her head in her hand and laughed. "That bad, huh?"

"No! No, it's....nice. Very nice," said Tamesis. She giggled and pulled back the covers to lay down.

Devon crawled on the bed. She straddled Tamesis and pinned her arms over her head with one hand.

"I thought I'd try something different. It felt right," she said, gently stroking Tamesis' wet hair out of her face and trailing her fingertips down her neck.

"Inspired from the dream last night?" Tamesis' pale cheeks flushed pink.

"Yeah, little bit," said Devon. She put their foreheads together and smiled. "Sweet dreams, love. You have any nightmares just imagine I have your six with my rifle."

"Will you be dressed like that?" asked Tamesis, pulling at the loose folds of the black balaclava.

"If you want. Though I might insist on a little armor and some practical boots." Devon kissed her forehead through the fabric. "You need me, call me. No matter how dark it is, we'll find each other, okay?"

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