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Devon raced up the dark concrete stairwell with her girlfriend, Tamesis, in tow behind her. She flung open the door at the top, revealing a brilliant starry night sky painted in a deep watercolor of blues and pinks. She pulled the beautiful woman clad in a wispy, white opalescent dress into her arms and spun her around as if her own heavy black combat armor weighed nothing.

"That was AMAZING!" Devon set Tamesis down and pulled her into an embrace, breathless. "You're amazing," she said as she took a step back to peer into her beloved's icy-blue eyes.

Tamesis blushed and looked away.

Laughing, Devon ran her fingers through Tamesis' long, curly blue hair. "For a while I thought we'd never get out of there. That fence was electrified and at least three meters tall and you just ... brought the earth up so we could jump over. And then when you cast that spell and covered everything in ice? It was like a crystal city and you snapped your fingers and like that it just went—"

Devon popped her hands and made an explosion sound. Pah-kwow!

Tamesis giggled. "I never thought I'd be able to pull it off, but I guess I was in the zone just right." She smiled. "But don't you try and pin the success of this mission all on me!"

She placed her hands on Devon's armoured shoulders and peered into her brilliant green eyes. A soft breeze played with her brightly coloured hair of pinks, blues, and teals, causing Tamesis to not only look at her partner with admiration, but also with pure adoration.

"If it wasn't for your marksmanship, we wouldn't even have made it to that fence in the first place!"

Wanting to place a kiss on Devon's forehead, she stood on her toes, but she was too short. Slowly, she rose up from the ground until her lips gently touched Devon's skin. "You are amazing."

Devon's cheeks flushed a deep red and a stupid grin plastered her face as Tamesis pulled away. She chuckled and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Yeah, well...we make a pretty great team, huh?" Devon took her partner's hand off her shoulder and kissed the knuckles. "Come on. I know just how to celebrate."

The edge of the towering skyscraper looked down at an abyssal, foggy street with lights as distant as the stars above.

Devon let her hands go and leapt off without a second thought. Instead of falling, she bounded up invisible, glowing stairs that glittered with silver sparks at every step. She drew two pistols from their holsters at her narrow hips and spread her arms wide. White light in the shape of angel wings burst behind her and suspended her in the air. To hell with gravity.

And she danced. Arms waving, hips twisting, one leg spinning her around and around. A show for Tamesis as much as an expression of pure, unrepentant joy.

Smiling from ear to ear, Tamesis rose higher into the air so she could join her partner in the celebration of their victory. The moment she reached Devon's level, her body flickered—her solid form alternating with the clear night sky—and then disappeared.


"Ah, damn it," Tamesis groaned. She stared up at the dark ceiling and clutched the sheets. "I went too lucid again."

She turned around and carefully placed her arm on the body next to her. The covers rhythmically rose and fell, a comforting sensation. With a deep sigh, she snuggled into the pillow. "I'm coming back to find you," she whispered to the still sleeping form.


Tamesis looked around. The starry night sky was still there, but the city had been replaced by a beautiful, serene beach. She glanced down at her feet and her boots faded away. Smiling, she buried her toes in the warm sand before walking towards a figure in the distance.

Devon was stripped of her armor, instead wearing a gauzy robe over a tank top and dark swim trunks. Her muscled arms bristled with glittering, tattooed runes in every color of the rainbow.

She turned, lightning crackling blue and white in her hand, but it fizzled out when she saw Tamesis. The wrinkles in her scowl melted away into a beaming smile and Devon sprinted across the shore. She tackled the woman into the wet sand and planted kiss after kiss on her cheeks as the waves crashed over them.

"I knew you'd come back" she said, breathless. "How you feeling about deep sea diving?"

Tamesis giggled. "Just don't get jealous if I finally manage to pull off being a mermaid."


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