Chapter 1

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Olivia Gilmore walked through Stars Hollow in her Chilton uniform, linking arms with her sister. They waved at the various people they knew, Miss Patty, Babette, Kirk, even Taylor.

The town had practically raised the two, and they people there were their family.

They reached the corner by the diner, and Rory took her sister's bag, "I'm gonna go back to the house, Paris has given me so much to do," she groaned.

"I'll tell mom. See you later," she waved, walking into the diner.

As the bell rung, her mom turned around and grinned, "loin fruit!" She exclaimed, "where's Rory?"

"Skydiving," Liv told her, sitting down at the counter with her.

"Of course, I forgot it was skydiving Friday."

"Hey Livvy! Orange juice?" Luke called from the other end of the counter. Liv gave him a weird look, at which he sighed and grabbed the pot of coffee, "I tried."

"And you failed. Thanks Luke," she smiled, sipping it.

"So guess who I met," Lorelai said quietly.

"Nicholas Cage? Keanu Reeves?" Liv asked, hopefully.

"Alas, no," Lorelai sighed, "Luke's nephew."

"Really? What's he like?" Liv asked.

"Picture James Dean," Lorelai told her.

"Right," Liv nodded.

"Now picture him alive and talking in monosyllables," Lorelai said.

"Huh," Liv nodded again.

"Anyway, I've invited them over tonight. Sookie is gonna make a load of food, it'll be great," Lorelai told her.

"Nice," Liv smiled.

Lorelai stood up and briefly hugged her younger daughter, "I'm going to rescue Rory, babe. Don't be long, Luke and Jess are coming over at 7."

"Bye mom," she smiled.

Liv grabbed her book out of her pocket and started reading while gripping her coffee with her other hand.

"Excuse me, could I take this seat?" Someone asked her.

"Sure, sorry," she smiled, heading to a smaller table in the corner.

As she walked to the table, someone else walked into her, making her drop her book and spill her coffee everywhere.

"Watch where you're going!" She exclaimed, crouching down to pick everything up, "ugh, my book is ruined!" She looked up to see a boy the same age as her looking back down at her, impassive.

"What were you reading?" He simply asked.

"Invisible Man. H.G. Wells. Now it's ruined. Thanks," she said, standing up.

"Huh," he said, before walking out.

"Hey Luke! Can I have some paper towels?" She asked.

"Woah what happened there?" He said, bringing some over.

"This guy walked into me," she groaned, frustrated.

"Oh, I'm sorry Liv," he sighed, kneeling down to help her clean it up.

Once they were done, she said goodbye before starting off home.


Sookie had arrived at 6:30 with Jackson and plates of food. While they were waiting for Jess and Luke to arrive, Rory and Liv were sat in their rooms, Rory sowing homework and Liv trying to get her to stop.

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