Both parents smiled at each other as they had the same idea then they decided to completely change the topic.

"Was it tomorrow the day when all the kids's parents are supposed to go to school ?"

Chuuya nodded confusingly at the sudden change of topic then wore a saddened expression as he stared down.

"It's okay if you don't come, i know you are too busy with your work .."

"What are you talking about, Chuuya ? Of course we are coming !"

"Really ????"

Chuuya instently looked up with brightened blue eyes at his parents then felt even happier when they pointed at each other then simultaneously said :

"Both of us~"

The small child didn't wait to jump on both his parents and hug them tightly.

"Thank you so much !!"

In the next day, Chuuya walked happily to his school while holding both his parents's hands. They coincidentally reached school the same time as Dazai who had both his dads with him making the ginger surprised then happy since they were just the same, if only the brunet wasn't such a brat so that they could become friends though ...

"So both your dads came today .."

Chuuya was glancing behind him where all the kids's parents were standing, he smiled softly when he noticed his parents standing beside the brunet's dads but he quickly got irritated at the words of the kid sitting beside him.

"Did no one teach chibi that he should say good morning first ?"

The ginger was about to yell at him before noticing Paul who smiled then closed his eyes and opened them as a gesture for him to stay calm which Chuuya did but he made sure to emphasize on his next words.

"G.O.O.D M.O.R.N.I.N.G !"

"Good morning ..."

Dazai used such a soft tone surprising the ginger before he adds with a smirk ..

"... shorty~"

.. and that was it for Chuuya. Luckily, their teacher went inside the classroom making everyone drive their attention to her.

For the next hours, the kids kept silent only answering when their teacher asked them a question. The poor teacher wished their parents would come everyday so that they stay this calm but some parents in the back weren't that silent. Dazai's father was the one who suddenly adressed Chuuya's parents.

"We are the parents of the child who sits with your son, he never mentioned having a friend but we are really glad to see that he gets along with your son ."

Both Oda and Ango gave the others a soft smile that Randou and Paul returned.

"We are also glad to see that our son finally got himself a friend ."

"It's just the same with Dazai, it hasn't been that long since we adopted so he still isn't that talkative, we were really afraid that he will be left behind by his classmates since he still has difficulties in expressing himself and his feelings but i see that things are going pretty well for him ."

Oda smiled softly as he looked at his son who had all his attention on the lesson while both Randou and Paul nodded as they thought of a way to let the kids get along with each other.

When the classes ended, all the kids joined their parents. Chuuya directly lifted his arms for Randou to lift him which he did while Paul petted his head.

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