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Ben's P.O.V. 

Once, I heard that love is the factor to break every chain and that it could build just about anything if it's in between two people. I thought that too growing up. But over years of heartache and failed love, I just about doubt it will ever be true for me. 

I have always loved myself. I don't fail that quality. Never really have. My mom has always told me, that in order to love someone, you have to first love yourself, so I have. The problem is, that everyone I fall in love with, ends up breaking my heart. One intentionally. The other, not. It doesn't hurt any less though. In some way maybe, betrayal is one of the hardest things to overcome and that's what happened in my first real relationship or so I thought it was real. 

I am one to admit to myself, but hate hearing others say is, that I fall in love too easily. That's something I have been trying to work with for years. And as it seems, I have yet to accomplish that till this day. 

I rather love than not love. A lot of people grow up without love. They have probably never in their life experienced it, so if I come across you, you sure as hell better expect me to care and share the love. I love showing people it exists and that it's not all in the fairy tells.

I grew up without a father. That's probably one of the reasons, I, Benjamin Jones, look for love in other men. My first love is something I hate talking about, and only Alex knows every detail about it since it took me a long time to get over. Just the thought of him makes me hate him all over again which is why I never talk about him or the relationship.

After a while, it just seemed that no man I end up loving loves me or at least loves me in the same way I do them; 

That's what happened with the second man I started loving or loved. I loved everything about him. He was charming, sweet, caring, he treated me with love and care, and worried when I looked upset about something. We shared a few months together where we got to really know each other. 

Then one day, when I was supposed to meet up with him, he never shows up; four weeks and he never does. I don't see him for six months after that. When I do, he is in the least expected place; at my brother-in-law/best friend/and business partner's house. I thought I was dreaming. But then, noticing my niece speaking to him, I realize I was not. I couldn't just straight out ask where he was.

It not only would make Alex suspicious, but I knew Chace would hate me if I outed him. So I decided to pretend not to know him and introduced myself like we never met. I was crazy about Chace. He was like no other man I encounter in a few years. But looking into his eyes at Alex's place, I realized I had lost him, not that he was ever officially mine, but I lost him. 

His eyes did always speak more than the words he spoke; he liked my brother-in-law. I wasn't sure how much, but he did, even when he didn't realize it and denied it. 

It took a while to force myself to not feel something for him. I guess not seeing him for a year due to circumstances that occurred in the Mcqueen's home helped too. I guess what helped the most was, that Alex loved Chace and Alex means the world to me. He is my brother, and although I loved Chace, Alex meant more to me. No man, no matter how much you love them, is worth breaking or hurting your brother. So, yes, I pushed my feeling away, and let them be and although sometimes I do miss him, seeing Alex with a real smile again after my sister's death was worth it all. 

Thoughts on the first chapter? I know it's super short, but as the story progresses, hopefully, the chapter will get longer too. I am not sure when I will officially start writing this story, but hopefully, it will be soon and more ideas bloom. What did you think of Ben's thoughts? What he said about Chace and his loyalty to Alex?

This chapter is just a short backstory of Ben. The following chapter will be around when Chace leaves the McQueen's house. That's when Ben meets the guy he does in the restaurant and yeah, feelings bloom and etc. Just stick around and see what happens.

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