Pablo x reader

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uuuuuugfh hgg ggghhgghg - the soft moans from the blu Pangae echoes through the room. 

that sexy littl bow tie sent  me over the edge 

dont even get me started on that twirly hat uuuuugghghhgu 

my thoughts were cloudy as all i could think of was that





its so well hidden you could barely see it, but oh, i couldn't miss it. 

i wanted it so badly. 

"oh yes, pablo" i cried out

"oh yeahhh, y/n" he cries, finishing inside. 

-the next day- 

"OH PABOO IM PERGOOT!"  I was ecstatic. 

there was a crash in the kitchen and he was gone. 

never to be seen again. 

he end. 


 painfully written by Awicks and soup  

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