Chapter 23

Megan’s P.O.V.

Its two weeks later. The tour is almost over and it’s bittersweet. I mean I’m excited to go back home, but I love being with the boys and Ryan nonstop. Also I’m going home to my deranged family which sucks. It’s been really awkward between me and Harry. I’ve been avoiding him at all cost. I’m so confused. Because I know I shouldn’t be considering what he said, but I am. I miss him and want to talk to him again, but I don’t know what would happen if I did. I should be more than happy with Ryan, but there’s just this nagging feeling that I shouldn’t trust him. I try to push it away, but it’s always still there. He’s been the perfect boyfriend, nothing but perfect.

I’m going to hang out with Ryan right now; he has a hotel room above us. I go in the elevator and contemplate everything that’s been going on. This whole thing started with me being dragged to a One Direction concert on the anniversary of Kyle’s death. And somehow I ended up sleeping in their tour bus and performing at their concert, which ended in me getting a record deal. Then I met Ryan, he cheated on me, now I’m back with him. And now I’m with him and considering what would happen if I was dating Harry instead. All within six months. Some crazy nugget stuff happened.

I walk out of the elevator and knock on his door, still contemplating all of this. I don’t even notice Ryan there until he’s snapping his fingers in my face and snapping me out of my daze.

“Meg, are you all right?” He asks concerned.

“Yeah, fine sorry. I was just daydreaming.” I say and feel guilt. He’s always been so sweet, and I’m here thinking about a guy who just told me he loves me. “So what do you want to do?”

“Well I got the movie, Valentine’s Day, so we could watch that if you want?” He asks and I nod, I’ve really wanted to see that. He goes to set up the movie and I get us a bowl of popcorn and get a jar of Nutella and a bag of pretzels. I walk in there with that and Ryan laughs. “You are so British.”

“Why because I like Nutella?” I ask teasingly.

“Yes, that and all your words that you use and your adorable accent.” He says and kisses my nose. I then sit down on the couch and open up the Nutella. I eat some out of a spoon and he sits down next to me and the movie turns on.


The movie is halfway through, not that we’re watching most of it, if you know what I mean. We’re sitting there making out when I feel his hands on the zipper on the back of my dress.

“Ryan, no. Not tonight.” I say and he nods, as we go back to kissing. It’s all fine until I feel him do it again, and this time he pulls it down a little. I try to pull away, but he won’t let me. He continues to pull it down as I try to pull away. “Ryan, stop! Get off.”

He doesn’t say anything; he just rips the zipper down all the way and tears my dress off. I continue to try to pull away, but he still won’t budge. He leans up to take off his shirt and I push him off me and try to run to the door. He grabs me, shirtless now, and spins me around and slaps me.

“Don’t do anything like that or scream again, or I will hurt you. Got that?” He asks and I nod as he drags me back over to the couch. He quickly pulls off his jeans and gets back on top of me ripping off my bra. I have tears streaming down my face while he’s doing this. I hear my phone go off on the kitchen. Ryan stops trying to pull my underwear off and glares at me. “Who’s calling you? Is it your other boyfriend? Are you cheating on me you stupid, fat, worthless, slut?”

“Don’t move.” He says getting up and going over to my phone. I grab my dress off the floor and cover my chest. I get up slowly and try to leave. He looks back at me after clicking the reject button and pushes me, I fall and hit right below my eye on the glass table and feel blood. I grab the lamp and swing it, knocking him out, but not before he mumbles, “It’s not over.”

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